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Organized Retail Crime in Idaho 3rd Annual Conference Washington Group Plaza, Boise orcaid.org CALENDAR May 15, 2018 Cyber Security Summit: Dallas Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, TX cybersummitusa.com June 5, 2018 Cyber Security Summit: Boston Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA cybersummitusa.com June 10, 2018 Loss Prevention Foundation "Swing for Certification" Golf Tournament Bear Creek Golf Club, Dallas, TX swingforcertification.org June 11–13, 2018 National Retail Federation NRF Protect Gaylord Texan, Dallas, TX nrfprotect.com June 28, 2018 Cyber Security Summit: DC Metro Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner, VA cybersummitusa.com July 19, 2018 Cyber Security Summit: Seattle The Westin Seattle, WA cybersummitusa.com August 5–8, 2018 Restaurant Loss Prevention and Safety Association 39th Annual Conference Hyatt Regency, Dallas, TX rlpsa.com August 29, 2018 Cyber Security Summit: Chicago Hilton Chicago, IL cybersummitusa.com September 23–27, 2018 ASIS International Global Security Exchange Las Vegas (NV) Convention Center gsx.org September 25, 2018 Cyber Security Summit: New York New York Hilton Midtown cybersummitusa.com October 1–3, 2018 Loss Prevention Research Council IMPACT 2018 University of Florida, Gainesville lpresearch.org October 10–12, 2018 LP Magazine Annual Editorial Board Meeting The Warwick, Philadelphia, PA losspreventionmedia.com That's a function of both how many categories it can protect and how well it protects them. How does that compare to your current state? Myth 3: My Current Solution Stopped 0 Percent of the Thefts That Happened. It's easy to watch endless hours of video of offenders walking right past your solution. It's much more difficult to quantify and focus on who it successfully stopped. The consequences of removing a solution are just as important as the consequences of introducing a new one. Your loss prevention procedures should require that both are studied with the same rigor. Myth 4: Opportunity Starts at the Door. An offender doesn't pop into existence when they walk through your door. They walked through your parking lot, they live in a community that's likely nearby, and you've been touching their lives for as long as you've been in business. Think about it: those friendly commercials your company airs on TV, that news story saying your company is cutting 1,200 employees, their friend who works for you complaining about how they're treated—all of these are opportunities to affect the offender's perception of whether you are a suitable target for them. Myth 5: Offenders Are Stupid and Irrational. An irrational decision is not always indicative of an irrational decision process or of stupidity. Remember when you had that dessert you probably shouldn't have? Looking back, that was an irrational decision. That doesn't mean you're an irrational person. Instead, you had competing goals: being healthy versus enjoying the moment. The second won out. Your decision process was still a rational and intelligent one, and is still one that can be studied and understood. If you understand a behavior, you can affect that behavior. To follow the sixty LP research projects that are underway from the LPRC in 2018 and to learn more about key theories, visit lpresearch.org. Rhett Asher Joins Cyber Security Firm to Develop Retail Specific Services Rhett Asher, a well-known executive in the retail loss prevention industry, has been hired as the executive vice president and director of retail solutions for Fortalice Solutions. He will be responsible for working with the Fortalice team to develop and refine service offerings specific to retailers and creating the company's entrance strategy to the retail industry. "I could not be more thrilled about joining the Fortalice team," said Asher. "My passion is retail and doing everything I can to help protect the people and businesses that represent this industry. Being able to work with and learn from such a talented and knowledgeable team is an exciting opportunity for me." Fortalice Solutions was founded by former White House CIO Theresa Payton who has assembled what she believes are the sharpest minds in cyber security to protect people, businesses, and nations from the world's most sophisticated adversaries. Fortalice services are grounded in a practical, real-world understanding of the threats in today's environment. Payton will be a keynote speaker at this year's NRF PROTECT conference in Dallas this June. Asher brings more than thirty years of retail operations, business development, and trade association experience in the retail industry. He has previously served as director of business development for CONTROLTEK USA; vice president of asset protection, data security, and crisis management at the Food Marketing Institute; vice president of LP for the National Retail Federation; a cofounder of the non-profit Loss Prevention Foundation; and vice president of LP for the Retail Industry Leaders Association. continued from page 68 Rhett Asher 70 MAY–JUNE 2018 | LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM

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