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ALPHA—First and Foremost SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE CHECKPOINT "For four decades and counting, every ALPHA product has been designed with uncompromising security, ease-of-use, and the ability to deliver outstanding merchandising capabilities to help retailers reduce theft and increase sales. Any theft is unacceptable. As the industry leader, it is our goal to help retailers control all levels of theft and improve their bottom line one innovation at a time." – Stuart Rosenthal, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Checkpoint's ALPHA High-Theft Solutions P ioneers at Checkpoint Systems' brand of ALPHA ® High-Theft Solutions take tremendous pride in their long history of "firsts." Our patent list has grown from fifty-six in 2004 to hundreds in 2018. That's why retailers nationwide think of ALPHA first and foremost. Spider Wraps ® , CableLoks ® , Keepers ® , 3-Alarm, S3 Single Key Concept, and more—ALPHA was the first to develop these industry innovations. The list goes on as ALPHA focuses its efforts on developing compelling new solutions that attack specific high-theft problem areas for retailers around the world. Case in Point The ALPHA Keepers is where the innovation story truly began twenty years ago. S3 Keepers allow you to create attractive visual displays with the confidence that your merchandise is protected well. ■ FIRST to develop an extensive line of Keeper solutions to protect an array of merchandise, beyond just electronic media ■ FIRST to apply 2 Alarm and 3 Alarm Technology to Keepers ■ FIRST to invest in and develop a product based on aesthetics to complement the merchandise it protects Spider Wraps. Customers then turned to ALPHA in search of a smaller footprint for larger products; thus the ALPHA Spider Wrap was born. This flexible, "spider-looking" technology entered the market twenty years ago as the first solution for larger, six-sided packages. ■ FIRST solution for large, six-sided packages—a signature product that created "brand like" awareness in the industry—now one of the most copied security products ever ■ FIRST to develop an ease-of-use solution using an auto-retractable cable ■ FIRST to apply 2 and 3 Alarm Technology to this solution ■ Now RFID-enabled CableLoks started as an answer for do-it-yourself and industrial applications fifteen years ago and quickly became the preferred choice for high-end apparel and other merchandise because of their never-ending capabilities to adapt to hard-to-protect items like leather coats, purses, and high-end denim. ■ FIRST CableLok—ALPHA pioneered this breakthrough product, providing ease-of-use solutions across a wide spectrum of merchandise ■ FIRST secure solution for racks of high-end merchandise, which allows customers to shop, compare, and try items without a store associate's assistance ■ FIRST to apply 2 and 3 Alarm Technology to this solution ■ Now RFID-enabled Other Solution Firsts Bottle Caps. ALPHA has a long, innovative history of protecting wine and spirit merchandise, including developing the first commercially successful security cap for wine and spirits and the first aesthetically pleasing solution that doesn't detract from merchandise presentation. ■ FIRST to develop a benefit denial system not requiring EAS ■ FIRST to incorporate 3 Alarm Technology Hard Tags. From apparel to eyeglasses to golf clubs, ALPHA's Hard Tags offer security and versatility. ■ FIRST to incorporate 3 Alarm Technology into a hard tag ■ FIRST to use a technology sensor that alarms if merchandise is removed from its packaging First in Services Earning a retailer's business and then developing an implementation plan that will be embraced by the stores further sets us apart from the competition. By allowing our products to be tested, we can prove that our solutions will not just meet but also exceed expectations. Our goal is to ensure store personnel have the ability to independently implement all aspects of the Checkpoint program on a daily basis. This "hands-on" support allows retailers to maximize their investment and increase profitability. Call 888-257-4272 or visit alphaworld.com to find more ALPHA solutions to high-theft challenges. 59 LP MAGAZINE | MAY–JUNE 2018

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