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There were also those who felt that perceptions and stereotypes were minimal, claiming they insisted upon being evaluated by performance rather than other factors, praising the women who came before them for paving the way for performance-based standards. Finding Common Ground When asked to describe how the loss prevention industry benefits from being more gender diverse, the respondents overwhelmingly referred to the importance of garnering different perspectives and the value this brings to every aspect of the business. Many focused on balance, quality, creativity, flexibility, and morale, while others discussed diversity of thought, the importance of life experiences, creating a stronger and more sustainable industry, and the power of big-picture solutions. Many felt the industry has made significant strides in creating a more inclusive environment for women and is currently on the right track. But there remains a need for both men and women to change our attitudes and perspectives on how we approach women in the industry, which should be a primary imperative to accomplishing real change. ■ When asked to describe the greatest misconception that men have, respondents persistently commented that they do not want to be perceived as "weak" or incapable of performing WOMEN OF LOSS PREVENTION 21 LP MAGAZINE | MAY–JUNE 2018 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% There are gender biases in the loss prevention industry today. Strongly Agree Agree Somewhat Agree Somewhat Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree The Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook™ is a secure solution for high-theft pegged products. These hooks prevent product sweep while maintaining availability and accessibility for honest customers. The Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook™ protects valuable inventory without high-cost or overly restrictive security measures. Each knob turn draws product forward, releasing a single item at a time. Additionally, a mechanical, audible deterrent sounds as products are dispensed, drawing attention to the display and alerting nearby store personnel. Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook™ Put our loss prevention solutions to work for you! Call 800.422.2547 or 330.998.7800 visit us online at www.ff r.com LOSS PREVENTION SOLUTIONS THAT PROTECT MERCHANDISE

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