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appeared to be a genuine sign of interest with what the women of loss prevention have to say. Opening dialogue and committing to the process is a constructive step forward that should be recognized and applauded across the LP community. Collecting and Reporting Survey Results Constructing the survey and collecting results was managed through a professional survey platform to further protect result accuracy, process integrity, and respondents' anonymity. Only minor edits were made to respondents' comments to correct spelling and grammar, further protect anonymity, and alleviate similar concerns. Otherwise, the thoughts and opinions shared in these comments are strictly those expressed by individual respondents. The content summarized here represents a high-level overview of the survey results. Those interested in a more detailed perspective of survey results and comments should visit LossPreventionMedia.com. The Respondents Approximately 500 women participated in the fifty-question survey. These respondents represented diverse experience levels, backgrounds, positions, aspirations, and career responsibility within the industry, which provided comprehensive views and opinions of the various subjects discussed from within all levels of the loss prevention structure. ■ Every level of professional experience was well represented, providing a broad spectrum of perspectives from those just launching their careers to those who have dedicated their professional lives to retail loss prevention. ■ Women in roles from store-level to department pyramid heads participated in the survey, offering perspectives within these different roles, in different settings, and while holding different levels of responsibility. ■ Approximately 90 percent of respondents reported that loss prevention was not their original choice as a career path. One in four participants started their careers in retail loss prevention and have remained in that role. Nearly three out of four indicated they began their careers in an area outside of loss prevention, with approximately half indicating they started their careers in retail but in a function other than loss prevention. ■ Respondents would be considered well educated, with nine out of ten indicating at least some college education and nearly three in five a bachelor's degree or higher. Career Advancement Do the women of loss prevention believe they have the support of their companies in terms of professional development and career advancement? Several questions focused on gauging women's responses concerning this topic. ■ The women who participated in our survey overwhelmingly felt they have the opportunity to further their careers in loss prevention if they choose to do so, with 90 percent of respondents agreeing that advancement is attainable. ■ The majority of respondents felt they have the same opportunity to further their careers in loss prevention as a man would have, with 70 percent voicing their agreement. ■ A large majority (79%) felt their companies are doing an effective job of recruiting female talent into loss prevention. ■ Similarly, a large majority (78%) felt their companies are doing an effective job of developing female talent for loss prevention leadership roles. ■ A larger majority (82%) also felt their companies are doing an effective job of promoting gender diversity within their loss prevention programs. Despite these encouraging outcomes, some areas resulted in very mixed responses. ■ The respondents were evenly split when asked whether they felt they missed out A large majority of respondents (89%) said they believe the industry has become more inclusive for women since they've joined the profession. While many felt the industry has made great strides, others believed there is still somewhat of a "glass ceiling," especially at the upper levels of management. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 50 26% 20% 11% 8% 36% LP Manager or Equivalent Multistore Field LP Corporate LP or Equivalent Vice President/Director of LP Other Which of the following best describes your role in loss prevention? 17 LP MAGAZINE | MAY–JUNE 2018 WOMEN OF LOSS PREVENTION

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