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MAR-APR 2018

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SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE CONTROLTEK encouraged to apply critical thinking about their daily tasks, come up with ideas, and discuss them among themselves. "The results were dramatic. Our operations department, for example, reworked their order processing workflows to focus on getting every order right the first time, on time. This reduced the need to ship overnight by 47 percent, driving our shipping costs down. Our finance team retooled the policies for booking travel and introduced new apps that significantly reduced our travel costs. Perhaps my favorite First Time Right initiative was the one that had to do with email—we asked employees that instead of automatically hitting the 'reply all' button, they take a moment to think about who really needs to read the email. With this we reduced internal emails by almost 30 percent, saving immeasurable time in lost productivity." According to Sell, spreading the culture of First Time Right had a transformational impact on the whole company. "Better internal efficiencies made us an operationally excellent organization from top to bottom, and we put ownership of that mission in the hands of every employee." A Viral Concept? To keep the client in the loop and allow for real-time feedback, CONTROLTEK developed a proprietary technology that provides full transparency of the project to the customer. According to Hardeman, this also resulted in clients developing new best practices based on the First Time Right approach. "One client asked us to play an active part in their regional training. We developed a video-based training program, allowing personnel to become certified in the use of the new shrink management system, and improved the in-store compliance as the result. With another client we developed a training module to prepare store associates for the arrival of our technicians. This resulted in a drastic reduction of miscommunication and second visits. We even had an instance where our finance team got together with the client's to set up the invoice process so that it works for both organizations." For Hardeman, First Time Right is ultimately about delivering results. "C.S. Lewis once said, 'The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does and whoever he is.' At the very core of First Time Right at CONTROLTEK is the quest to dedicate each of our minutes to listening with intent, planning with purpose, and delivering uniformly and consistently with integrity—every time. In doing so, our next minutes will not be consumed with correcting mistakes. Instead, they will be open for us to focus on presenting our very best in products and support services to our clientele." CONTROLTEK's Mechanisms for Ensuring First Time Right Delivery ■ Professional CAD designs and drawings that provide details to meet the requirements for approved placement of technology solutions ■ Customized packaging and delivery options to significantly reduce lost or delayed product shipments ■ Audit process formats that offer a consistent data tracking and measurement approach ■ Scope of work frameworks designed to enhance the services of third-party vendors working with or near CONTROLTEK products ■ Network mapping and secure interface management reference documentation that respect the connectivity safety concerns of information services ■ Video tutorials designed to enrich the understanding of CONTROLTEK products and their overall purpose 62 MARCH–APRIL 2018 | LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM

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