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MAR-APR 2018

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participated in last fall's APLC meeting in Nashville. During the meetings, eight different retailers hosted store visits, providing insight into their top asset protection challenges and their approach to solving those issues. Afterward, the group brainstormed on those experiences—what they liked, what they would do differently, best practices, and methods to mitigate the problems faced. This allowed the entire group to benefit from the ideas and opinions of the collective team, creating a win-win for the hosts as well as all the participants. "It's really interesting to take part in these conversations because you're able to hear how the individual retail leaders respond to the situation, the solutions that we come up with collectively, and the productive approaches that we learn about based on our conversations," said Jaeckle. "Each retailer can then bring that back to their own program to determine how and whether it can benefit them." Setting Things in Motion Each year at the annual RILA Asset Protection Conference the APLC will gather to frame out what the emphasis is going to be for the next year. The process begins by looking at all the research gathered over the previous year, reviewing what was accomplished and identifying priorities that should be pursued moving forward based on those results. This will include a thorough recap that involves each of the retailers that participated in those studies. Other initiatives may involve scheduling APLC visits to different markets and different types of retailers, opening doors for each leader to experience the nuances and challenges of different or unfamiliar retail environments, different stages of program maturity and development, and different or unique retail cultures. For example, in 2017 APLC visited a retailer with a new and growing asset protection department. Collectively, the participants were able to review many of the different aspects of the culture and the program, offer feedback on what was seen, and make suggestions that could potentially help support this growing department. Another visit featured the opportunity to tour a fulfillment center environment. With the expansion of omni-channel retailing, leaders were provided with an idea of what an asset protection department faces when working more intimately with the digital customer. "For retailers now looking to get into the digital space, it was really eye opening to see how the loss prevention department operates," said Jaeckle. "Some of the things that we take for granted—like how to protect the brand, how to interact with the customers, and how you're protecting your assets—can be much different in the digital space." The various challenges and opportunities currently facing the RILA'S ASSET PROTECTION LEADERS COUNCIL 55 LP MAGAZINE | MARCH–APRIL 2018

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