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35 LP MAGAZINE | MARCH–APRIL 2018 QUESTION 3: What may be searched? Of the twelve retailers with employee package check policy, about 42 percent of them always conduct bag searches, 33 percent of them conduct random checks, and 17 percent of them conduct bag searches only in stores with high shrinkage. All others conduct searches based on facilities. QUESTION 4: What triggers a search? The primary trigger of a search is purse/backpacks/other bags, and purchases might be a trigger for some retailers. QUESTION 5: Please provide any additional comments you believe are important. Recommended Reading Crime and Everyday Life (fifth edition) by criminologists Marcus Felson and Mary Eckert is published by Sage Publications. This iconic book uses very practical examples to explain the dynamics of crime, along with common sense anti-crime suggestions. Answers Choices Responses Percentage Distribution Centers Only 1 8.33% Stores Only 4 33.33% Offices Only 0 0.00% All facilities 2 16.67% Stores and Distribution Centers 5 41.67% Total 12 Answer Choices Responses Percentage For cause only 0 0.00% Random check 4 33.33% All are always checked 5 41.67% Other (please specify) 3 25.00% Total 12 Other (please specify) 1 High shrink program stores only 2 100% search at distribution center, random and for cause in retail 3 Only in high-shrink locations Answer Choices Responses Percentage Purchases only 1 8.33% Purses/Backpacks/Other bags 10 83.33% Body pat down if needed 0 0.00% Other (please specify) 1 8.33% Total 12 Other (please specify) 1 Any except pat down Responses 1 Purchases, parcels, and handbags are included in the random checks, and all associates are checked a minimum number of times weekly. 2 Employee package checks should be conducted while on the clock to comply with the state time and labor laws. 3 Stores that are a part of our high-shrink program only. Inspections are done on the clock and at the point of sale versus the front door. 4 We also require coats to be off at exit, and they are "patted down" for concealed merchandise. Sponsored by the Loss Prevention Foundation, this annual golf tournament takes place this year at Bear Creek Golf Club in Dallas preceding the NRF PROTECT conference June 11–13. Open to all retailers and solution providers, the "Swing for Certification" event will raise money to fund scholarships for LP professionals who want to advance their careers through obtaining their LPQ or LPC certifications. Proceeds will also benefit industry charities, including the Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund and the USS Foundation, the legacy event sponsor. For more information and to sign up to play or co-sponsor the event, visit SwingForCertification.org. Exclusive Platinum Sponsor Additional sponsorship levels available Support LP Education by Participating in the "Swing for Certification" Golf Tournament at NRF PROTECT June 10

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