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MAR-APR 2018

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YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. You could save up to 80% on a faster, easier, more secure key system by 1-800-316-5397 www.InstaKey.com/Retail How much you could save? Find out today. IF THIS IS HOW IT FEELS TO CHANGE YOUR LOCKS... Booth 715 INTERVIEW 33 LP MAGAZINE | MARCH–APRIL 2018 who invest their time to study and prepare for the exams in an effort to strengthen their knowledge and develop their skills. Their dedication will continue to make a difference in the LP profession. LYNCH: I never thought I would be in this industry for this long. I have met great people, and it has provided financial security for my family. The foundation is a way of giving back and providing a venue for furthering the retail loss prevention profession. The foundation provides a way for individuals to be successful through the certification process. I was proud to be the first solution provider to acquire an LPC. I am honored to have that designation after my name on my business card. EDITOR: Mike, you are highly respected for your leadership in establishing a scholarship program for young people to obtain certification. Talk about that initiative. GRADY: This year marks Vector Security's tenth anniversary of the LPF scholarship program. The program was designed to reward and assist qualified individuals who otherwise may be hindered by the costs associated with obtaining this certification. We are proud to celebrate this successful and ongoing partnership with the Loss Prevention Foundation and value the contributions loss prevention professionals make to this industry. EDITOR: Rex, not many know that your father was one of the founding members of Sensormatic. Talk about growing up in this business. GILLETTE: As a teenager, I had summer jobs working in the Sensormatic distribution centers. Ron Assaf founded Sensormatic, and my father was an integral part of the team in the early days of establishing the company that would define an industry and has served so many over the past fifty years. EDITOR: Kevin, some may know that you are a Naval Academy graduate. Talk about what that has meant to you. LYNCH: The best decision I made in my life was asking Kathy to be my wife. The second best was attending the Naval Academy. It is a great place to be "from"; however, going through it was no picnic. I learned about the tenets of leadership, teamwork, and ethical behavior. The friends I made there are friends for life. I learned about playing under pressure. It was the most competitive environment I have ever been in. EDITOR: Gentlemen, thank you for sharing your insights for our readers, and thank you for the long service you have given our industry all the while demonstrating the ultimate professionalism that exemplifies the true meaning of being a "partner" and a "solution provider. "

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