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Connected software, hardware, consumables and services. Transforming data into actionable insights that drive retailer success. RILA AP - BOOTH 218 Learn - Improve - Succeed 31 LP MAGAZINE | MARCH–APRIL 2018 LYNCH: As a young salesman, I had Marshalls as an account. You, Mr. Lee, had just taken over as the VP of loss prevention with a tremendous reputation coming from the Broadway Stores on the West Coast. You had bought a brand-new Cadillac Mark Seven when you arrived. Maybe the third time I came to the headquarters, you asked me if I played golf. I said "Yes." You said, "Do you have your clubs." I said "Yes." You said, "Well, let's go play golf." I was so excited that you had asked me to play golf, when I followed you out of the parking lot, I plowed right into the back of your new Cadillac. I was totally mortified and thought my career was over. All you did was get out of the car, look at me and shake your head, and never said another word about it. I knew then and there we would become great friends. EDITOR: Had you not been in this career, what might you have chosen to do? GILLETTE: I started my career in this industry, and it has been a long and fulfilling one, so I really haven't thought about doing anything different. GRADY: I've always toyed with going to law school and becoming a lawyer. I even took the LSAT. I can hang with the best of them—debate, deliberate, and banter—so I think I could have been a decent litigator. LYNCH: I would have been a naval officer. I was programmed to have that career. I did it for six years. When I found that people actually shot at you, I figured I could find a better job with better pay. EDITOR: You three have known each other for years. Tell us the real story about the other two. GILLETTE: I have had the privilege of working with both Mike and Kevin over the years and am glad to call them both friends. Both are well-respected players in the industry and have made many contributions over the years. As for Kevin, he is one of the best story tellers out there and is always around to give you a good laugh. GRADY: Early when I talked about a great group of characters, Kevin and Rex were usually among the characters. Both of these gentlemen are true professionals and effective contributors to our industry. I consider them both good friends. LYNCH: Rex Gillette and Mike Grady are two of the finest guys I've met, not just in the business but also in my life. Their empathy for the people they lead and their credibility in the marketplace is unparalleled. I worked with and for Rex for the better part of twenty years. He is one "cool customer." Rex is a competitor who plays well under pressure. He is a family man and remembers where he came from. Mike has been a friend of mine since the 1980s. He has always been an ethical, fierce competitor. INTERVIEW

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