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MAR-APR 2018

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ALL TOGETHER NOW lpinnovations.com 877-574-6682 solutions@lpinnovations.com • Reduce Losses, Improve Client Profitability • Patented Multi-Layered Tracking Technology • Customized Devices used in Variety of High Value and Heavily Targeted Products • Track and Recover Assets within Minutes of the Crime • Proprietary Tracking Software to Map Location, Speed and Direction of Travel • Swift Apprehension of Suspects • Partner with Law Enforcement • Maintenance, Service and Training Contact PROTRAX™ Today to Improve Your Track Record Protect Your Assets with Advanced GPS Tracking Technology 21 LP MAGAZINE | MARCH–APRIL 2018 departments as a point of intersection for innovation. "If we talked more often with our IT partners and forged more cohesion in that relationship, we would more easily see that many of our solutions have applications across the larger business." As a member of JOANN's IT steering committee, Scott Roubic is particularly well positioned to take advantage. "I'm hearing about all the projects that are going forward, so I can think about those projects and about how my organization might be able to leverage them." Similarly, his position on the audit team, which has a hand in controlling shrink in distribution centers, helped him secure tools for his team from the company's upcoming new warehouse management system. Finally, his role on a company committee focused on store operations ensures that no new technology goes into stores without his team knowing about it. "Everything has to get approval through operations, and through that partnership, we're sure that we don't miss anything in terms of leveraging it for AP." Macy's Goddard also credits greater collaboration with IT as helping to drive AP's accelerating technology innovation. "We have worked closely with IT for many years. With the greater use of innovation involving networked devices, IT and AP are continuing to grow together, and our partnership has never been more important," he said. "Both teams have worked to obtain a greater understanding of everyone's needs. As a result, the relationship has really blossomed and is a big reason for our innovation." LP leaders were unanimous in recommending a range of other actions: reading industry publications, sending team members to industry conferences, collaborating creatively with vendor partners, and cultivating industry relationships to stay current on technology use cases, including leadership positions on industry advisory councils and conference committees. LP innovators also offered the following pieces of wisdom: ■ It's important to remember that you can't get anything if you don't ask for it. ■ Don't be afraid to experiment. ■ Be able to recite the priorities of other departments. ■ Appreciate that the best projects don't always start out that way. You may need to make adjustments, improvements. Innovation projects require nurturing. ■ Areas of innovation that are particularly valuable to the company are ones that improve its agility, enhance customer experience, and help it to better understand data. ■ Get ideas from industry counterparts, but carefully calibrate their success to fit your operations. ■ If you put customers at the center of your strategic innovation thinking, then you're never going to lose—and it drives synergy and closer partnerships with those outside the asset protection silo that you need.

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