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Dilworth has over twenty years of loss prevention and security experience with Best Buy, Marshalls, and his current employer Publix Super Markets. During his career he has held several management positions including asset protection officer and retail LP auditor. Dilworth retired from the US Navy after twenty years of service, during which he received a Navy Accommodation Medal for humanitarian work in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. In addition to his LPC, which he received in 2017, he has also earned his LPQ, certified protection officer (CPO), and certified security solutions (CSS) certifications. Interview with Kenn Dilworth, LPC CERTIFICATION 32 JANUARY–FEBRUARY 2018 | LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM Stepping Up Your Game as an LP Professional Why did you decide to pursue your LPC certification? I had already completed the LPQ in 2015 and personally wanted to improve my loss prevention knowledge and professional development and add to my self-confidence. At the start of 2017, I made obtaining LPC certification a goal. No matter what it would take, I was going to try very hard to achieve this goal. I didn't just want the designation; I wanted to really know the material. Even now, I often review my notes. Was the LPC coursework what you expected? I knew in advance this course wasn't going to be easy. Several colleagues of mine who have obtained their LPC certifications told me it was very informative. After reviewing material contents, I knew it was going to be very demanding and challenging. The course material is highly relevant in all aspects of my job. I expected a lot and received a lot. The exam was very challenging because the questions were worded differently than course quizzes. I was well prepared because of my dedication and focus on passing the exam. Talk about the process of going through the coursework and taking the exam. First, I had to figure out an action plan on how I was going to complete the course. I tried a couple of things until I found the right course of action for me. I dedicated a time and place to study the material and gathered the supplies I would need, such as 3x5 cards and other equipment like my iPad, cell phone, and printer. Sometimes I would go a couple of days nonstop until I just had to take a short break. I knew I needed "muscle memory" to be disciplined and focused to ensure I would not give up. I studied, completed the quizzes, and reviewed my answers. When I identified sections where I had the greatest opportunities, I made sure I would spend extra time reviewing it. When I felt ready to take the exam, I reviewed my notes again and again until it became automatic. The night before the exam, I made sure I had a good night sleep, then had a light breakfast and watched my sugar and sodium intake. I arrived at the testing center thirty minutes early to check in. As I reviewed the exam, which was worded completely differently from course quizzes, I made sure to reread the questions thoroughly before making any selections. If I had not taken extra time to study and really know the course material, I would not have felt comfortable enough to pass the exam. When I had completed the exam and reviewed all my answers, I closed my eyes and push the exam "Complete" button. When the system said, "Passed," I was very excited and proud. Looking at your own personal background and knowledge, what information in the course helped you the most? Finance, budgeting, supply chain, crisis management, logistics, and pharmacy are sections that helped me the most. This information made me feel comfortable and provided a broader understanding that will make me a more rounded business partner. What was the most eye-opening information that was part of the curriculum? How it is very important for LP professionals to stay focused within their companies' long-range business strategy plans. Also, how important it is to partner with others, including store personnel, law enforcement, vendors, and even competitors. What benefits have you seen from taking the course? The whole process, from studying the course materials, taking the quizzes and the practice test, and eventually taking the exam itself, helped me with both my confidence and self-esteem, not to mention gaining a lot of knowledge that will make me a better LP professional. This course is not cheap. But the experience and knowledge you gain from the material and passing the exam is priceless! I would highly recommend this course to everyone in the retail LP profession.

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