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connected and helping to develop the department roadmap. If not, you will be lost. EDITOR: Retail in general has changed significantly in recent years as it relates to e-commerce and omni-channel retailing. Are you seeing similar changes in jewelry retailing? If so, how is that changing your role? VALENTINE: Many years ago, I can remember we opened a stand-alone distribution center for e-commerce. It was thought of as a separate channel. Boy, has that thought changed! It is now the total customer experience, highlighted with the expectations for the need for instant sell and pick up. The biggest challenge is how to manage the omni-channel logistics online orders and manage your inventory for a maximum sell through, fulfilled to the buyer's home, online sent to store for in-store pickup, orders submitted through other distributors and their logistics infrastructure, not to forget the merchandise return process. Having a lot of involvement from the internal audit side to ensure that all these new systems have adequate controls in place is a must. It is a total change from the only option of brick and mortar. EDITOR: What would you regard as your proudest accomplishments during your career as an LP executive? VALENTINE: I would say it isn't about one single accomplishment but rather the sum total of what was accomplished over the years, with the same company. Being with a retailer with such a tremendous story of growth, adapting to those growth needs, and being able to contribute meaningfully was very rewarding. I had very supportive bosses that gave me many opportunities for continuous growth and as a result accomplished many wonderful things. My success was possible because I was blessed to work with fantastic team members that were very talented and committed. As a result, we were able to consistently and systematically drive value, which created an environment resulting in very low department turnover. EDITOR: You are a member of the board for the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF). Describe your role as a board member and head of the audit committee. VALENTINE: When Gene Smith, then foundation president, asked me to be on the board, I was honored and excited to work with such a distinguished group. As a board member, my role is to work with the other board members in helping to focus on the organization's mission, strategy, and goals. Unlike many other industry-related groups, LPF requires a full board vote to be accepted as a board member. What an honor to be recognized by your industry peers. As the audit committee chair, my role with other audit committee members is to have open communication with the independent auditor, accountants, management, and the board of directors. We meet with management and the independent INTERVIEW sexy programs that reduce overall operating costs. MAKING BRASS SINCE 1986 LEARN MORE AT www.instakey.com/retail OR CALL US AT 1-800-316-5397 KeyControl ® We're also pretty good at building custom 29 LP MAGAZINE | JANUARY–FEBRUARY 2018 continued on page 30

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