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JAN-FEB 2018

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marketing efforts. These technologies have allowed LP to add value to the retail business. Second, vendor relationships have become more important as they continue to help develop solutions to our complex problems. Vendors have really evolved into true business partners and solution providers. When we look at an issue, it is as simple as where you are, where do you want to go, and how do you get there. The first two are relatively easy. The third one is the work. Working with solution providers who understand that is important. EDITOR: Do you have a vision of how they may change in the future? VALENTINE: I can't stress enough that these areas must have an IT expert that is It isn't about one single accomplishment but rather the sum total of what was accomplished over the years, with the same company. Being with a retailer with such a tremendous story of growth, adapting to those growth needs, and being able to contribute meaningfully was very rewarding. INTERVIEW 28 JANUARY–FEBRUARY 2018 | LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM

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