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29 LP MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017 SMART PEOPLE SAY SMART THINGS INTERVIEW FROM RUNNING AN LP ORGANIZATION TO RUNNING A MARATHON A CONVERSATION WITH DAVID LUND OF DICK'S SPORTING GOODS By James Lee, LPC, Executive Editor David Lund, CFI, LPC, vice president of loss prevention for DICK'S Sporting Goods, from March–April 2013 LUND: From a leadership perspective, I try to provide opportunities for people to grow through certification and education inside or outside of our department, because I want people not only to feel valued, but I know that education will translate to happier people and bigger dividends in what they can do for our company. I would tell you that anybody on this planet can run a 26-mile marathon. They might not run it in two and a half hours, but they'll definitely be able to finish if they put in the time and energy to training. Like almost anything in life, if you create a plan, you're dedicated to that plan, and you stick to it, you can do it. Mark Stinde, LPC, vice president of asset protection for 7-Eleven, from May–June 2013 STINDE: The expectations of an asset protection executive in this organization will consist of three things. First, you must be a great leader, be good to people, and work well with others. Second, you must have a strong business acumen; not just asset protection acumen. You have to understand why it's important for the operator to be selling fresh food, understand margin, and understand what a P&L looks like and how to contribute to the P&L. And third, and least important of the three, is that you are a highly functioning asset protection practitioner. Early on in my career, I learned to distinguish between a relationship and a partnership. You can have a relationship with someone, and yet you're not always mutually committed to the resolution of something. For me a partnership consists of shared goals, shared responsibility, and shared accountability. To get there you have to both understand what you're trying to accomplish, to make sure everyone buys in and is committed to their role in success, and to make sure we are holding each other accountable for the outcomes. Dan Provost, LPC, vice president of global loss prevention for Staples (right), from July–August 2013 PROVOST: The thing that I love the most about loss prevention is the ability to be strategic. In store operations, it can be really difficult to plan a five-year strategy and see it through, but in LP, you really can create a solid five-year plan, execute it, and witness the results. It's very rewarding. We've had a lot of success over the years as an organization. The LP Foundation is the only industry organization that focuses solely on the personal and professional development of the individual. Once I understood that, I was hooked. I am a true believer in the mission and goals of the Foundation. I am extremely proud to be a member of the board of directors, and I preach the word everywhere I go. INTERVIEW ASSET PROTECTION IN A CONVENIENCE-STORE ENVIRONMENT A CONVERSATION WITH MARK STINDE OF 7-ELEVEN By James Lee, LPC, Executive Editor INTERVIEW REORGANIZING THE LP AND AP TEAMS AT STAPLES A DISCUSSION WITH DAN PROVOST AND STEVE BACICA By James Lee, LPC, Executive Editor

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