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JUL-AUG 2014

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Enhance Security Visibility and Management across Your Retail Footprint By Jeremy Brecher, Vice President, Technology, Diebold Security I n the world of loss prevention, visibility is key. Extending far beyond traditional surveillance, retailers need fast, easy access to security video and information, as well as the ability to conveniently administer alarm, access, incident, and asset management systems. Visibility of these systems is often fragmented by a vast array of platforms, all with different interfaces. Finding the most relevant information and managing these varied platforms can be laborious and inefficient. Diebold's SecureStat delivers the unified visibility retailers need to provide actionable data to protect and manage their operations—all from one platform. This centralized, web-based security management portal provides a single interface for real-time information and administration of all security-related systems. It delivers a single customizable dashboard to improve the visibility—and simplify the management—of every connected system across your entire retail footprint. With its accessibility from any web browser on any device, SecureStat delivers real-time visibility with actionable data to effectively manage the security operations of your stores, warehouses, and offices from wherever you are. Manage Any Security System from Anywhere, from Any Device SecureStat is a product-agnostic solution, allowing seamless integration of your existing hardware, software, monitoring, and other managed services into the platform regardless of the manufacturer. Since SecureStat was built from the ground up as a stand-alone solution, its flexibility allows you to implement the equipment of your choice without limiting your options. SecureStat also operates on all major browsers, desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices, ensuring you can access the system anytime from any location. This capability supports today's bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, without requiring specialized software. Anywhere, anytime access allows you to share visibility and control with your individual locations, increasing the mobility of security systems by consolidating relevant field information and tasks into one mobile view. Immediate access to resources via SecureStat's online interface enhances the visibility of your security operations. For example, you can access SecureStat from your smartphone to verify an alarm as it's happening or place a location on test. You can gain immediate access to monitoring history, site information, documents, hardware inventory, and other system data. In addition, you can perform tasks such as updating user codes and access cards in real time. Customize Your Security Operations Beyond choosing your preferred hardware, software, and services, SecureStat enables you to incorporate custom-built functionalities and integrations to suit your unique security needs. SecureStat features the security industry's first Development Zone Portal. Through the portal, you can access numerous application program interfaces (APIs) that allow you to extend functionality and integrate systems, hardware, and information, enabling collaboration across departments, stores, and organizations. The portal allows Diebold, its customers, and partners to quickly innovate, deploy new technologies, and share information at an application level. Any new functionality you deploy expands SecureStat's capabilities and can boost the visibility of security across your retail outlets, warehouses, distribution facilities, and administrative offices. Expand at Any Time SecureStat's flexible web services architecture gives you room to grow as your security needs evolve. The solution enables rapid migration to future technologies, as well as the application of new data analytics across multiple information sources. In addition, SecureStat is scalable, allowing you to easily expand the number of sites, security systems, and services covered—adding even greater visibility for your loss prevention operations. Access to SecureStat is free to Diebold monitoring and service customers. Learn how SecureStat can help your company enhance the visibility and management of your retail security operations by contacting Diebold at 855-331-0359 or visiting Diebold.com/SecureStat. Jeremy Brecher SecureStat operates on all major web browsers, desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices ensuring access from anywhere, anytime. 58 JULY - AUGUST 2014 | LPPORTAL.COM SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE DIEBOLD SECURITY

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