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Teaching employees what to say when calling 911 during an active-shooter episode is vital, and should be part of practical training sessions. State the facts and don't make assumptions, such as "There is a man in the store shooting at people. At least two people have been shot. He's dressed in black and carrying a handgun." Police can respond more quickly and appropriately when they have a clear understanding of the circumstances and the urgency of the situation. "Workers should also not come out of hiding places until instructed to do so," says Hart. "While this could take hours, they should wait until the scene is secured. They don't want to be mistaken as potential suspects rather than potential victims when law enforcement arrives on the scene." Internalizing the Message Every active-shooter training program carries similar intentions—to save lives and keep people safe. Some of the information may not be new, but the message should be clear. In these situations, we can't afford to make assumptions. We should take every reasonable step to give our employees and our customers the best opportunity to survive these events. If we don't have a program, we should. If we do have a program, it doesn't hurt to take another look to make sure that we got it right. Hart himself has managed active-shooter crime scenes. "Seeing the heartbreak and devastation in the families of the victims is overwhelming," he says. "It's real and it's difficult. It stays with you as a harsh reminder. I decided that I would do everything in my power to avoid these types of tragedies from happening again. "Too many of us think that, 'It's never going to happen to me, it's never going to happen here.' We don't want to talk about it. We don't want to think about it. But if and when it does happen, we'll count our blessings that we were prepared. When you share the gift of safety, people take that gift with them wherever they go." ACTIVE SHOOTER It may be emphasized in our training guidelines that if you're going to hide, lock the door behind you and barricade it when possible. But as simple as this may sound, employees may experience difficulty under stress. Some struggle locking the door, especially if it's a door that's not familiar to them. Some doors in our facilities simply may not have locks. Is theft eating away at your profts? You've worked too hard to let someone else walk away with your profts. Recover your losses. For over 20 years, the experienced legal team at Palmer, Reifer and Associates has served our clients by providing sound legal representation, exemplary client service, and optimal recovery performance. Doesn't your business deserve the protection of the law? PalmerReiflerLaw.com Put the Civil Recovery Law Firm on the case. 55 LP MAGAZINE | JULY - AUGUST 2014

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