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said that she would move a heavy filing cabinet against the door. However, not only was the cabinet too heavy for her to move on her own, when they tried to move it together they discovered it was bolted to the floor. How might such decisions play out in a real-life situation? A simple walk-through with employees doesn't take much time, but can be extremely valuable. Every plan should consider the design and limitations of the location in addition to the potential response of customers and employees. While by no means all-inclusive, here are some additional questions that should be answered as part of practical training exercises: ■ Are you familiar with all of the potential exits in your building? Are the exits clear? ■ Do you have an escape route and plan in mind? ■ Do you know where those exits go, and whether they take you out of the building? ■ Where would you go once you exited the building? ■ Are the floor plans for the building up-to-date? ■ How would you respond if the shooter was on a different floor in the building? Would it matter which floor? ■ Have you considered which rooms in the store would provide the greatest protection? Which would provide the least protection? ■ Do you know which doors in the building have locks, and those that don't? What kind of locks do the doors have? Key, push button, push and turn, or other? ■ When choosing a place to hide, have you considered the difference between cover and concealment? ■ Do you know how to quickly silence your cell phone? ■ When should you come out of hiding? ■ How would you respond if you were directly confronted by the shooter? continued on page 54 ACTIVE SHOOTER According to statistics gathered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 40 percent of all active shooter events take place in business locations, including retail stores, office buildings, and warehouses. That places retail among the most frequent locations for such attacks. The threat is real, and the concerns are legitimate. the New Summit SerieS of CaSh maNagemeNt SafeS offer: • Intuitive touch pad interface • Web-based reporting • Complete remote management suite • Plug and play installation • Solid state architecture • Blowfsh cipher encryption for secure communications • Integrated high speed thermal printer • Dual bill validators with standard or high-capacity cassettes featuring single note or bulk note feeds • Self clearing capability • Modular hot-swap service design • Compact footprint the next generation of cloud-based cash management systems introducing summit series to learn more, contact us at: (800) 342-3033 ext. 5335 info@apunix.com =PZPt

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