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JUL-AUG 2014

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KNISLEY: Shawn, you've had the opportunity to work with companies after they've been compromised, which is a very traumatic time for companies. In your experience, what do you see as best practices post-breach? HENRY: During a remediation, I think the first important thing is that the leadership of the organization gets it. I think you have to have all of the key executives as part of the response—the general counsel, the COO, the CFO. You are going to have to have the key leadership together, because it's going to be a whole organizational response. Then you want to stop the bleeding. You want to prevent the network from being further damaged. You want to prevent the adversaries from stealing additional information. So, internally it's about hardening the network and preventing further damage. But from an external perspective, it's going to be about managing the media. Do we need to deal with the regulars who have got DCIs that were stolen? How do we communicate this to our clients, to our customers, to the general public? This is why leadership needs to be so closely involved. They're looking at risk—operational risk, financial risk, and reputational risk. If your reputation is damaged, and it has taken you two decades or five decades or a hundred years to build, to lose it in a course of a three-week incident is not something anybody is going to be happy to see. STEPHENS: Let me jump on that. Organizations that have a plan ahead of time that is written and practiced seem to fare better. Most DEALING WITH DATA BREACHES "It's important for people in corporate security to get to know their law enforcement counterparts, and vice-versa, before there is an event. We need each other's phone numbers before we need them. Quite frankly, the last thing that law enforcement wants to do is meet you for the first time while we're handing you a grand jury subpoena because we think you've been breached." – Lou Stephens continued from page 44 WE UNDERSTAND THE CHALLENGES RETAILERS FACE WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR KEY MANAGEMENT… OR MORE COMMONLY, LACK THEREOF. Are you tired of… • Inconvenient & Costly Locksmith Callouts? • Inopportune IC Core Swap Holdups & Delays? • Unauthorized Key Duplication? InstaKey ® provides a solution to all your keyed access needs with: • Restricted Keys That Cannot Be Duplicated • Serialized Keys That Can Be Monitored • Simple & Cost-Effective Single Key Turn Rekeys • 24/7 Web-Accessible Software • Key Quantities Reduction • Improved Staff Accountability TO FIND OUT MORE! www.instakey.com l 800-316-5397 l sales@instakey.com InstaKey ® Security Systems Helping Retailers Manage Their Key Control for Over 25 years! 46 JULY - AUGUST 2014 | LPPORTAL.COM

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