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countermeasures to see how they impact loss, sales, and the shopping experience. We also work in DCs and in parking lots. We have all kinds of interesting things going on in the various StoreLabs. The retailers who participate in the StoreLab program often bring in their LP team to see first-hand what we're doing and how it impacts their stores. EDITOR: Who are some of the retailers involved with your StoreLab program? HAYES: Some of the most active include Walmart, Big Lots, Lowe's, Home Depot, CVS, T-Mobile, AutoZone, to name a few. We have about thirty stores in the Gainesville area with about twenty-four fairly active. What we do in Gainesville is initial alpha testing. We need to see how to do things, and how those things affect shoppers, employees, and, of course, offenders before going out to higher risk or busier locations. Then we take those findings and go to higher crime areas like Miami, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Chicago, or DC. To give you an example, we start in a Gainesville Home Depot store, then have a Home Depot StoreLab in Los Angeles where you have to pass through a security guard just to park there due to the crime challenges. That gives us a different look at how things work or don't work in different environments. EDITOR: What are you most proud of that has come out of the LPRC? HAYES: I think the idea that now, very respected leaders in our industry—senior decision makers—are buying into research in loss prevention and starting to adopt some of what we're doing would be the first answer. The second is going to industry conferences and hearing new people saying, "Wow, this is the way to go. I believe in LPRC or evidence-based practice, and I'm going to get involved." EDITOR: What are the next steps for the LPRC? HAYES: I would like us to get an additional ten or more retail chains involved so we can grow and accomplish more. That also would give us a more diverse work environment. We currently have two LPRC full-time scientists under me as well as UF faculty and grad students, but I would like us to have four LPRC scientists to allow full-time focus. I think that will take some time. What's being done with the LP Foundation and the content of the LPQ and LPC certifications is great, but I would like to see them become even more saturated with evidence-based content than they are now. Gene Smith and everyone at the Foundation are great. They're always asking me, "What are you doing? Is there any way that we can get you more involved?" I want to make sure they're incorporating our research findings continued from page 32 10TH ANNUAL LPRC IMPACT CONFERENCE The next gathering of the LPRC is scheduled for October 13 – 15, 2014, on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville. The impact conference is focused on communicating the results of the past year's research activities as well as looking at those retail issues that warrant adding to the list of research in the coming year. The conference features presentations by both scientists and retailers who participated in the research. Top left, John Voytilla addressed attendees at the 2012 conference. Voytilla, chief security officer at Office Depot/OfficeMax, is the current chair of the LPRC board of advisors. A large portion of the conference involves group participation on specific topics of interest. This interactive aspect of the conference both stimulates participation by all attendees as well as facilitates the direction for new research by the LPRC. Bottom left, John Doggett, LPC, director of LP merchandising/ vendor shrink solutions and analytics of Lowe's, presents the results of a smaller group discussion on RFID to the entire conference attendees. For more information about attending the upcoming conference or getting more involved with the LPRC, visit LPresearch.org. 34 JULY - AUGUST 2014 | LPPORTAL.COM INTERVIEW

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