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continued from page 20 BIG DATA about how you spend your security dollars. For example, few companies have a chief information security officer (CISO). Invest in people and leadership. ■ Look beyond compliance—A primary opportunity lies in a failure to act on information that has already been gathered. "For too many organizations, it takes a major breach to get religion," he says. Do we really need to experience another incident to find a common creed? When describing himself on his blog, Krebs reveals, "Much of my knowledge about computers and Internet security comes from having cultivated regular and direct access to some of the smartest and most clueful geeks on the planet." Maybe we should all take his lead. Moving Forward Data security is vital to the success of our businesses in many ways, and every retail professional has a responsibility to remain educated and informed. As the experts are quick to remind us, that means that we must take the steps to listen, as well as to be heard. We have to build partnerships as well as learning opportunities, and work together to find solutions. We must arm ourselves with information, and make swift and sound decisions when called upon. We have to expect the battles, and win the war. For many of us this is new territory. For others it is an opportunity to refocus and remind ourselves of the importance of communication, cooperation, and teamwork. For all of us, it is an essential message that we must always strive to learn, flex, and adapt. We have to look at our teams and our business in a new way. There is a new paradigm in retail, and we'd better step up to the plate. For more on this topic, see our article "The Challenges in Dealing with Data Breaches—A Cybersecurity Panel Discussion" on page 39 from the 2014 Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) asset protection conference. BUILDING A NEW DEFENSE TEAM Our greatest opportunity to overcome these intrusions is through a comprehensive approach that includes information sharing and best-practice protocols that support a joint defense team. This is a shared responsibility that will not only demand innovative thinking, but joint cooperation throughout an organization…and the industry. To prevail over this imposing threat to the business, we have to work together. New From www.kenwoodusa.com/protalkinfo 1-800-950-5005 Pocket Sized Radio Designed Specifically for Loss Prevention Actual Size Two-Way Business Radios • Weighs only 3.9 ounces • 1.5 Watts of transmit power • 4 channels • Long battery life • Up to 5 mile range • Two-year radio warranty 22 JULY - AUGUST 2014 | LPPORTAL.COM

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