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BUILDING A NEW DEFENSE TEAM some other weak link in our systems or procedures, the risks are formidable, the possibilities are only bound by the creativity of the criminal element, and no business is exempt from the threats. "Data security is about risk management, not risk elimination," says Chertoff. "There has to be a strategy for managing the risk built on realistic expectations. You have to understand what you're facing so that you can make intelligent decisions. There must be a full understanding of the threat, of the consequences, and an assessment of the company's weaknesses and vulnerabilities and how they fit within the business." Arming Ourselves with Experts Many businesses are aggressively pursuing different avenues to improve cyber strategies and provide training and awareness opportunities for company leadership. Industry conferences have taken significant steps to offer quality sessions that provide information, guidance, and direction on cyber-related issues. Companies are bringing in top experts to consult with their teams, perform vulnerability assessments, and educate both staff and company leadership. There are also various conferences held across the country that specifically focus on information-security issues, some intended for industry experts, while others focus on training and education of business leaders at different levels and areas of responsibility. Larger events would include the RSA Conferences, which attract some of the best and brightest in the field through annual conferences in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Other conferences may focus on specific or more intimate audiences to heighten awareness and maximize the learning experience, such as the Cyber Security Summit. All of these efforts are intended to improve our skills, keep our professionals connected, and increase awareness of these critical business concerns. "In many ways we have been short-handed when it comes to cyber warriors," states Ken Fuller, executive vice president for the Cyber Security Summit. "We've had tremendous success bridging the gap by bringing in experts and educating leadership regarding what's going on and how we can better defend ourselves. By identifying and securing thought leaders that can successfully communicate the message, educate them on what to look for, and help determine the weakest link, we can help our enterprises approach technology issues with a broader perspective and a sharper focus." Fuller adds, "This is a real problem, and every industry is susceptible. Every industry leader has the responsibility to be aware and educated so that they can best protect both the consumers and the company." The Veiled Bride How many of us know that couple where one partner just seems to spark so much in the relationship? The person is fun, charming, and likable—having that special quality that draws others in. They make friends easily. They can lead a conversation, or listen with real or assumed interest even when the subject is so dry and boring that it would drive most of us insane. shrink got you in a tight sp o t? Maximize your display opportunities with our Mini Spider Wrap®, the perfect solution for smaller, boxed merchandise. The strong clutch mechanism provides tightly cinched security allowing you to openly display items in the perfect spot and increase your sales. Explore our full line of solutions on our website or call 888.257.4272. ©2014 Alpha High Theft Solutions. No endorsement of Alpha products has been made by any of the manufacturers of the products shown. 17 LP MAGAZINE | JULY - AUGUST 2014

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