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JUL-AUG 2019

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36 JULY–AUGUST 2019 | LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM PARTNERING WITH RETAILERS little new to report, let everyone concerned know so that people are not left guessing. You cannot over-communicate internally. ■ Coordinate as closely as possible with law enforcement and other agencies involved, especially when it comes to public statements. This will help you avoid misstatements as well as misunderstandings that could jeopardize your working relationship. ■ Review and update your crisis plan regularly, at least once a year. All team members should understand their role thoroughly, especially the communications procedures. ■ Be aggressive in your response. Don't sit back for things to happen. If the police department or other agencies are not investigating aggressively, consider using your own or hiring private investigators. Third-party investigators can help defray insinuations that the police are working too closely with the corporation. ■ Consider using a reward for information to expedite the resolution. However, be sure to coordinate this with all agencies to make sure everyone is in agreement that an offer of a reward is appropriate. ■ Use quick "trace back" analysis. In Wendy's case, the quality assurance team was quickly able to eliminate the probability that the finger came from an internal source. ■ Coordinate third-party specimen analysis with local authorities. Many authorities may be unfamiliar with handling and testing specific types of evidence, which was the case in this incident. ■ Generating publicity in key markets surrounding the investigation can help stimulate leads. Talk to local media to keep the story alive and focused on the truth. ■ Work to resolve the crisis as quickly as possible in order to recovery your business as quickly as possible. A smaller company may have gone out of business. Remember that a crisis can hurt not only the employees affected locally, but also the shareholders and other stakeholders of the company. The potential effect of any crisis can be devastating in terms of employee and customer safety, brand integrity, and financial earnings. Thus, it behooves corporations to be diligent in crisis preparation in order to minimize potential losses and facilitate normal business operations as quickly as possible. continued from page 35 Call us at 800.422.2547 or visit www.siffron.com SONR™ Pusher is wireless, and can be easily installed to protect as many or as few products as needed. The SONR™ Pusher is a flexible and open security system integrated into new or existing product pushers that notify store associates of activity at the shelf and store level. Retailers can scale the SONR™ Pusher to adhere to their needs, from a singular facing to a complete shelf. It works with the SONR™ Echo Box to relay alerts across the store. Find out how SONR Pusher can protect your merchandise and increase sales! Pusher

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