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CONTROL ACCESS ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. open EDGE CG with LEARN MORE: info.instakey.com/remotelock-lpm 1-800-316-5397 | sales@instakey.com with InstaKey ® User-Rekeyable SFIC Override PCI Compliant, WiFi Remote Access Control for: IT Closets • Cash Offices • Pharmacies • Remote Storage • Overnight Delivery Doors • +More 35 LP MAGAZINE | JULY–AUGUST 2019 specific procedures and communicate those procedures to the employees involved during the first few hours. ■ Company and franchise employees should know to immediately involve the corporation on any incident rather than attempt to handle it by themselves. ■ Contact all relevant local, state, and federal agencies immediately to let them know you want to cooperate and find out the truth. Offer any assistance necessary to aid in their response or investigation. Be sure to get key names and contact information for communicating with the proper person at each agency. ■ Understand the proper chain of command when dealing with local authorities. In this case, four different local agencies were involved: the San Jose city police department and the Santa Clara county sheriff's department, health department, and medical examiner's office. ■ Make sure you hire the right resources to help you in a crisis. If possible keep an investigative or crisis response group on retainer for crisis events or at least maintain an up-to-date list of resources that you know are reliable and available when needed. ■ Be aggressive in your information gathering. It is critical to stay abreast of anything and everything happening that is related to the event. ■ Resist the pressure to release information or make a statement until you are sure of the facts. Understand that whatever statement or information released will impact your brand, especially if the information later proves false or incomplete. ■ The crisis team should meet daily (or more often if needed) to review the facts as they are known that day. This can be somewhat painful if no new information is available, but constant team communication is critical. ■ Make all decisions based on integrity and core values. In this case, Wendy's followed founder Dave Thomas' philosophy: "Do the right thing." At all times act the way you want to be remembered, because you will be. ■ Do not provide senior management or stakeholders with a resolution timeline unless you can be absolutely sure you can achieve it. Committing to a resolution and then missing it will only undermine the crisis team and further frustrate management. ■ Prioritize and follow up on all leads. In Wendy's case, there were a number of calls from people who had lost fingers from accidents, including a number of exotic animal owners. While most of the leads will likely not amount to anything useful, you won't know until you investigate. Don't let disappointment take you off focus. ■ Be prepared to deal with an onslaught of claims that may overwhelm you. Calls should be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ■ Prepare and communicate updates internally to employees and franchisees often and consistently. Even if you have continued on page 36

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