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33 LP MAGAZINE | JULY–AUGUST 2019 LEARNINGS IN THE QUICK-SERVICE RESTAURANT SEGMENT dusk and dawn, so if the back door is opened at night, my security center gets an alarm. They can check to see why it was opened, and we can then coach in the moment. The store will be called immediately and told to shut the back door. An email will go out to leadership noting the violation. Since we implemented this last year, we only had one back-door robbery, which was a significant decrease. We have also decreased our internal involvement robberies, and we created a safer environment for our employees by training and holding them to a standard. "One other thing we focus on in the field is not only delivering training and prevention, but also training them on how to handle a situation if it occurs. We never want them to engage the robber. We want them to give the robber the money. We want to ensure that people don't get hurt, but we also want to ensure that we're there for our employees if it does happen." Papa John's International David Rydeen, National Director of Safety and Security Excerpts from "Better Security. Better Safety. Papa John's." July–August 2007 "We deliver pizzas, so one of the most common incidents we deal with is automobile accidents. We are also a cash business, so the next biggest issue is delivery-driver robberies. When we have an incident, part of my job is to question what we could have done differently to prevent that incident from occurring…." "Our franchisees are organizations that have their own resources. I don't typically get involved in investigations on the franchise side. What I do is present them with information about how we do it or provide them with solutions that we have used or vendors that we have used in the past. It's up to them to decide whether or not to use our suggestions or whether they go out on their own and seek their own vendors or solutions. "Over time we have developed a standard security package, including clear policies, that we 'install' in every restaurant. A local owner would, therefore, know what type of approach to take for a specific issue at a specific site. It might involve doing more or They have a great shopping experience. You have greater peace of mind with a solution that secures your profi ts and property. Bosch empowers you to build a safer and more secure world with solutions that enhance safety, reduce shrink, and help you improve merchandising, operations and customer service. Bosch integrated security and communications solutions enrich the customer experience and deliver valuable data to help you increase your profi tability. Learn more at http://bit.ly/BoschSolutionsforRetail

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