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to measure the value of an ORC case. Finally, it's not only human skill that shapes the value of investigative analytics, it's also human limitations. A burgeoning area of analytics is built around trying to put information extracted from data analysis into formats that the human mind can more easily make sense of. Home Depot's Nate Cunningham, for example, said his AP data team has focused on tools to provide better data visualization for its field partners, to find creative ways to help them make use of data without overwhelming them. Visual simplification is also a driving force behind the growing use of maps in connection with analytics. "If anyone is not using GIS (geographic information systems) with their LP analytics and business analytics, they're missing out," said Scott Peacock, director of analytics and insight for Walmart Global Investigations in a 2018 interview with LP Magazine. "Adding a geospatial component opens up lots of different avenues that otherwise might have been missed or misunderstood." LP collects myriad data describing the time of events and locations. Geospatial analysis uses this data to build maps and other visuals to depict where and how changes are taking place, to anticipate and prepare for future changes, and to make complex relationships understandable. Such geographic profiling can spatially focus an investigation and yield insights that are impossible to see in the data alone. "There absolutely is unique value in seeing things expressed visually. There are often patterns of things that cannot be understood unless you view them spatially," explained Lorie Velarde, GIS analyst with the Irvine Police Department in California. Using transactional databases to search inventory and product sales, geospatial analytics allows analysts to visually identify emerging patterns and gain advanced security intelligence. Maps show where ORC activity is occurring and where it's likely to head next. "We're able to leverage predictive analytics to identify where and when bad actors are going to hit, and we can then stage targeted surveillance, do some target hardening, or prepare for an apprehension," explained Peacock. A Smarter Future Analytics already are at the center of generating cases for investigation, but there is still "a lot of growth potential," said Bandaries. Safeway, for example, has plans to integrate ANALYTICS IS NOT JUST A NUMBER'S GAME Scott Peacock The world's most compact, full performance and customizable EAS antenna uniquely compliments store design, enhancing the customer experience. checkpointsystems.com 21 LP MAGAZINE | JULY‚ÄďAUGUST 2019

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