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all phases of each store's progress. This allowed visibility from data collection to product shipment/delivery and installation coordination. It also accounted for budget management and tracking the project's pace. This MCL was reviewed weekly between the teams to share overall progress and delays. Digital Key Holder Assignments and Tracking Prior to deployment, asset protection and InstaKey discussed how to best capture the user population (in other words, key holders). Knowing that data is only useful when it's updated, asset protection provided a human resource data feed to InstaKey, creating a dynamic user population. Data can be shared via API or SFTP interface. Once uploaded into SecurityRecords. com, any serialized key can be assigned to only authorized employees. This forethought solution allowed for dynamic changes and keeps the key management fresh daily. With the documented assignment of a unique serial-numbered key to a key holder, the key holder's accountability improves for the security of that specific key. SecurityRecords.com's Key Holder Update module digitally assigns and tracks keys to the distinct user or key holder. The best part of this solution is that keys can now be assigned to authorized key holders remotely via any smart device. A URL link is sent via text or email directly to the key holder, where the module captures their signature digitally accepting the key assignment. No apps, no PCs, just smart people using their smart devices. Store management and asset protection can now remotely track each key, who has it, and what it opens in real time through SecurityRecords.com. Results This strategic combination of human capital, innovative technologies, and open collaboration made it possible for TFM to standardize their processes and procedures around key management and immediately create the secure environment for their 160 stores in only twelve weeks. When a client can improve security, establish an accountable culture to keep track of keys, prepare for future cost-effective rekeys when keys are lost, and give tools to operations that help simplify the management, there is sure to be an ROI. Proof will be in the continued partnership and future assessments of this key-control program. After the conversion project was completed, Joe Oliveira, CFI, TFM's director of asset protection, expressed his satisfaction by saying, "Converting an entire company in under three months has to be some type of world record. Every time I work with InstaKey, their commitment to clients and to projects shines through with personal and corporate integrity. The program is a huge success, has become part of our culture, and is helping us better protect our team members, guests, product, cash, and data. We couldn't have done it without the help and support of such a great partner." With a project of this scope and timeline, InstaKey's focus on consistent communication and dedication to maintaining the deliverables were critical components in making sure the outcomes TFM sought were achieved. Also critical to the success of the project was the technology utilized within the cloud-based records management SaaS software, SecurityRecords.com, which was used to organize and streamline the rollout, providing simpler oversight of the program thereafter. SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE "Converting an entire company in under three months has to be some type of world record. Every time I work with InstaKey, their commitment to clients and to projects shines through with personal and corporate integrity." – Joe Oliveira, The Fresh Market 66 MAY–JUNE 2019 | LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM

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