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MAY-JUN 2019

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SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE INSTAKEY Delivering Cloud-Based Controls for Mechanical Keys with a Human Touch W ith our growing dependence on automation, service bots, and artificial intelligence, it can be rare to find a vendor that delivers innovative solutions through partnership. Thingamajigs, widgets, and bots can bring us all efficiency, but there is still magic in the human element that can't be quantified. In May 2018, The Fresh Market (TFM), a North Carolina-based specialty grocery chain, looked to enhance and simplify distinct areas of operations with simple security upgrades. With limited human capital, they leaned on vendor partners to help. TFM leadership wanted vendors who provided best-in-class service and partnership to work with their asset protection and operations teams. By aligning these resources, TFM was able to define a full 160-store conversion to a modern key-control program. Each store required an initial cost-effective site survey solution, prompt materials turnaround, coordinated installation, and on-site training of new procedures designed to culminate in an advanced key-control program. By August 2018, TFM began designing their key-management processes to create a more secure environment for their stores and to use a product-service offering that achieved an ROI after the implementation. These goals are common among organizations, but capital is hard to come by. InstaKey ® Security Systems became TFM's chosen vendor because they provide custom key-control programs complete with user-rekeyable mechanical locks; restricted, serialized keys; records-management software to back it all up; and most of all, a passion for partnership. With this new key-control program now in place for TFM, we will explore how the best solutions come from open collaboration and human interaction, and review how they utilized numerous innovative technologies to achieve on-time and on-budget full-store rollout completion. Digital Site Survey (DSS) Process Asset protection and InstaKey collaborated on combining two survey practices: (1) a user-friendly lock hardware site survey form listing all doors in the store and (2) taking pictures of all door-lock types. Rather than spending budget dollars on having locksmiths perform these surveys, TFM AP conducted them at the stores and utilized a free third-party smart phone app called Tiny Scanner to upload and transmit the site survey form and digital images from their phones. This app serves as a portable document scanner, creating PDFs from photos, which were uploaded directly to InstaKey's SecurityRecords.com ® Key Control software. Upon receipt, InstaKey personnel were able to remotely evaluate all lock types from the survey information and imagery. For any outlying locations where AP personnel couldn't reach, InstaKey utilized local locksmiths to collect the surveys using the custom site survey form process. This automation technique using internal resources saved TFM thousands of dollars upfront. Project Management and Tracking Process To best coordinate the rollout, InstaKey and TFM AP managed a master conversion list (MCL) designed to track 65 LP MAGAZINE | MAY–JUNE 2019

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