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LP CHALLENGES IN A "SECURE" ENVIRONMENT To go along with our transparency approach and emphasize the company stance on theft, Paradies Lagardère made the conscious decision to prosecute those who defraud the company. That decision is known throughout the organization. The financial dividends obtained through our shrink results reinforce this was the right decision. Since making this change five years ago, we have seen a steady decline in our shrink number. With each successive year, we have broken the record set in the previous year for lowest shrink number in company history. Another important point in how we achieve success is our relationships with our business partners. The entire team recognizes the role we play as a support function. The team develops strong relationships with their operations partners, HR partners, and LP/safety team members and works regularly in cross-functional committees to strengthen and create new and existing relationships. Tapping into the Hub of Knowledge Since the restaurant industry is so much different than retail, I find it essential to surround myself with experienced restaurant-specific professionals that I can connect with through the Restaurant Loss Prevention and Security Association (RLPSA). Networking with like-minded professionals is the key to any loss prevention leader's success. Attending the RLPSA's annual conference has provided me with not only an unprecedented networking ability but also education and insight from other restaurant loss prevention programs facing similar challenges. To me, that is invaluable. Giving Credit Where Credit is Due Every great leader has great support. The leaders who report to me include: Q Lilly Noyan-Paddyfoote, safety and loss control manager, who has responsibility for safety and claims management (worker's compensation, general liability, auto, property) for the organization. Q Billy Childers, loss prevention and safety operations manager, who has responsibility for loss prevention/safety centralized programs and services, CCTV, and retail supply chain. Q Annette Barry, regional loss prevention/safety manager of dining, who has alignment with the western half of the dining division. Q Doug Martinez, regional loss prevention/safety manager of retail, who has alignment with the western half of the retail division. Doug is supported by market managers Eric Tullis in the Texas and Southwest regions, Diane Valdez in the California region, and Rick Wittman in the Mountain Plains and Western Canada regions. Q Bret Graddy, regional loss prevention/safety manager of retail, who has alignment with the eastern half of the retail division. Bret is supported by market managers Marcos Lozano in the Southeast and Florida regions, Steve Mathieu in the Great Lakes and Eastern Canada regions, and Martin Davis in the Northeast and Ohio Valley regions. In our environment, [inventory] can be spread between an off-site facility, on-site stockrooms, and multiple stores of an airport. This product is moved around between concourses and stores, depending on where it is needed, and we can lose visibility to where that product goes. 60 MAY–JUNE 2019 | LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM

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