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Street retailers often purchase the store site or negotiate a lease for a space. In the airport concessions environment, we are unable to make site purchases. Our business is dependent on a multiyear store lease based on winning a contract through a request for proposal. At the conclusion of the lease, other airport concessionaires may bid on new lease options proposed by the airport governing body. Paradies Lagardère's retail and restaurant models are always in a state of renewal, and I need to make sure the loss prevention and safety strategies are meeting the needs of this changing environment. No two airports are the same, and no two restaurant or store layouts are the same either. We fit our stores into the space provided by the airport. Because each restaurant or store has a different layout, we have to adjust to each space. We must customize our camera design and integration, which requires an additional labor investment for each store opening. We allow a high degree of functionality on our registers for our associates. Our customers are looking for speed of service. They are typically waiting to catch a flight and can't be held up waiting on a supervisor to approve the transaction of an associate. This allows opportunity for our associates to conduct fraudulent activity in our stores. Big Airports, Big Challenges Our stores and restaurants are open 365 days a year. In our largest operations, we have over forty stores and restaurants. These facilities are spread out to presecurity and postsecurity and could be spread over several concourses or terminals. The concourses and terminals, at times, are not physically connected to each other. The opening and closing times of our operations vary within in each airport. This can change if we experience airline delays. We are there to provide service to the traveling public, so our hours of operation remain fluid to allow for these changes. All of these factors can make communication with our team members a challenge. Communication has to be filtered through others. It can be difficult to ensure that the original message gets to everyone in the same context. Because of this, we have to be strategic about our messages to the team. In larger airports, most of our inventory is stored at an off-site warehouse anywhere from five to twenty minutes from the airport. We can't secure our inventory by locking or sealing the transport truck because the truck must be inspected before it can enter airport space. We have had instances of those trucks making unscheduled stops along their route to the airport to offload product to a waiting vehicle. Once the product arrives at the airport, it can go LP CHALLENGES IN A "SECURE" ENVIRONMENT As concessionaires, Paradies Lagardère has two customers. We have the customer who comes into our store or restaurant and pays for merchandise or services rendered. We also have a second customer, which is the airport governing body that decides which concessionaires get to do business at a specic location. Both of those customers are equally important to our success. 58 MAY–JUNE 2019 | LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM

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