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Collecting and Reporting Survey Results Construction of the survey and the collection of survey results was managed through a professional survey platform to further protect the accuracy of the results, the integrity of the process, and the anonymity of the survey respondents. Well over 600 loss prevention professionals participated in the survey, representing different levels of experience, diverse backgrounds, different positions, different aspirations, and every level of career responsibility. Only minor edits were made to respondents' comments to correct spelling and grammar, further protect the anonymity of the respondents, and alleviate similar concerns. Otherwise, the thoughts and opinions shared in these comments are strictly those expressed by the individual respondents as they completed the survey. The content summarized here represents a high-level overview of the survey results. Those interested in a more detailed perspective of survey results and comments should visit LossPreventionMedia.com for a full report on the survey. Career Development The process of career development is important in many ways, with the need for both employees and employers to be prepared, keep up with the changing environment, and respond accordingly. Employees need to upgrade their skills and competencies on an ongoing basis to meet current and future demands, whereas organizations must hire, develop, and retain employees who can successfully handle those changing needs and move the business forward. Ultimately, this opens doors to new and different opportunities for all involved. How do loss prevention professionals feel about their career prospects and the need to continue to develop and refine professional skill sets? Several questions focused on gauging responses concerning this topic. Q Loss prevention professionals at every level of leadership feel they have the opportunity to further their careers in loss prevention if they choose to do so, with those in high-level positions slightly more confident in their prospects. Q Generally speaking, loss prevention professionals at all levels of leadership tend to feel that they have the respect and support of supervisors regarding career aspirations Q Overall, 75 percent of those participating in the survey indicate that they have had one or more mentors that have influenced their professional careers. This trend appears to be fairly consistent at every level of loss prevention leadership, with the numbers increasing slightly at the higher levels. Many comments supported the concept of mentorship programs as a development tool. Q Career growth and development remains a primary objective of most loss prevention professionals. In general terms, loss prevention professionals at all levels of leadership strongly emphasize that they seek out opportunities for continuing education to support growth and investment in their careers. Q Loss prevention professionals at all levels support an ongoing commitment to professional growth and development through the certification process. Overall, nearly 70 percent of those participating in the survey have either earned an industry-related certification or are currently pursuing an industry-related certification, and just over 1 in 5 indicate that they hold multiple certifications. Those at the higher levels of leadership were slightly more likely to hold these designations. Q Similarly, loss prevention professionals at all levels of leadership showed an interest in pursuing one or more of the industry certifications over the next twelve months. Interest in pursuing these certifications did vary slightly based on the particular level of leadership involved, with those at the higher levels of leadership slightly less likely to show interest in pursuing additional certifications. However, this would actually align with those leaders indicating that they have already earned designations. Q Overall, 85 percent of those participating in the survey agree that using online tools and social media is an important way to remain educated and current. Interestingly, this trend appears to increase in importance among LP professionals as they progress up the career ladder. Q Loss prevention professionals at all levels of leadership tend to agree that two or three regional loss prevention conferences per year designed for up-and-coming professionals would be a valuable, effective, and worthwhile way to develop talent. This trend also appears to increase in importance among LP professionals as they progress up the career ladder. Q There was disagreement as to whether most loss prevention professionals are legitimately prepared for the changes that will take place across the profession over the next five to ten years, with numbers for those that agree (37%) ARE WE ON THE SAME PAGE? VP, Director, or Corporate LP Regional or Division LP District or Area LP Manager LP Manager or Equivalent Other 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Which of the following best describes your role in loss prevention/asset protection? 45 LP MAGAZINE | MAY–JUNE 2019

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