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36 MAY–JUNE 2019 | LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM PARTNERING WITH RETAILERS be getting bolder. Figuring out how to keep our LP professionals safe needs to remain a priority in our industry. LEWIS: No, not if the LP industry understands that loss prevention is just one facet of retail. LP needs to enhance all departments of retail to ensure a positive customer experience without compromising the security of vulnerable merchandise. That way, they will be seen as an asset to any retailer. EDITOR: How do you and your company support the profession of LP? ROSENTHAL: We support the LPRC [Loss Prevention Research Council] and their research efforts. I am very proud to be a supporter of the LP Foundation. Working with Terry Sullivan, we started the "Demo for Dollars" campaign at the NRF [National Retail Federation] in 2018, where for every retailer that stopped by our booth for a product demo, we donated to the foundation. In 2018, we donated $2,000 at the NRF. We have expanded this event in 2019 to both RILA [Retail Industry Leaders Association] and the NRF shows. Additionally, we have built a beautiful Customer Experience Center as a working lab for our customers to test and look at the future of loss prevention solutions both ready now, being tested, and whatever we can dream of. It's a real collaboration center for discovery. It includes a 150-seat auditorium that we will open to retailers to use for meetings at no cost. It has all the audio and visual needs needed for a great event. WOELFEL: Hosting webinars, attending industry conferences, and encouraging our customers to speak about their success helps to educate the industry on the impact they can achieve. Last year we partnered with the Loss Prevention Foundation and helped them craft an educational session on advanced analytics. We are proud to be a doctorate-level partner with the organization. This year we committed to participating in the LPRC, which is another exciting way for us to be on the forefront of change within the industry. Finally, we sponsor and participate in both the RILA AP Leadership Council and the Supply Chain Leadership Council. Participation in these councils helps us to better understand the challenges and goals of AP and SC so that we can ensure our solutions are aligned to support their success. HENDERSON: Chris and I wanted to be sure that Protos would be a company that supported not only its community but also the industry in which we work. We support the LP profession in part by attending trade shows and sponsoring LP-specific events throughout the year—trade shows because they offer great value to the retailers through the speakers and breakout sessions, and educational events such as IAI [International Association of Interviewers] meetings held throughout the country each year. We are also great supporters of LP Magazine, the Loss Prevention Foundation, and the International Association of Interviewers. The magazine offers everyone in the industry great content and information, and the foundation and International Association of Interviewers, through their certifications, help educate our LP professionals so that they can do their jobs to the best of their abilities. We believe in the LPC, LPQ, and CFI tracks so much that a few Protos team members have obtained their certifications so that they can better understand the needs and challenges of our clients. LEWIS: Sekura values the opportunity to partner with the LP profession and are members of NRF, RILA, LPRC, Retail Risk, and several other organizations that support LP and related industries. RAMOS: We continue to be supporters of the trade organizations and the Loss Prevention Foundation. However, the way we believe we really help the LP profession is by providing the tools to help LP departments be more relevant within their companies. Most of our customers use our application for operations, marketing, and finance with the application managed by the LP teams. EDITOR: Have you had a mentor that has been influential in your career? How so? WOELFEL: I was hired into Linens 'n Things by Frank Rowan, assistant controller, and Bill Giles, controller, as the manager of inventory control. They influenced my career because they were finance and accounting guys who thought outside the box. They encouraged others to work as a team to solve problems and to speak up if you had something to contribute. They did not limit, but fueled, my growth. They believed in me and gave me enough freedom to go where I wanted. Eventually, I was given additional responsibilities, and they continued to support me in a way that built my confidence. They also loved their jobs, their teams, and the company. This was infectious, and I now require this attitude in any company I work O "LP teams must continuously be learning and partnering as their companies develop new programs and processes. That holy grail of getting product to the customer next/same day, regardless of destination, exposes the company to tremendous risk. LP can be a wise 'voice' in this process by being a partner in driving sales, margin, and productivity. If you are only viewed as a department that reduces fraud and catches thieves, you become disposable in the eyes of executives." Kelli Woelfel, Pro tect continued from page 35

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