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35 LP MAGAZINE | MAY–JUNE 2019 continued on page 36 PARTNERING WITH RETAILERS Enter to win an Apple Watch at BOOTH 340 DOUBLE THE POWER 20% MORE COVERAGE CLEAR AUDIO 1-800-950-5005 • www.kenwood.com/usa We understand technology and have a very honest approach toward our clients. While I wish I could tell everyone that there is a magic button that can solve everything for them, there isn't. We try to truly find out as much as we can about the problems each customer is trying to solve, and we give them a tangible solution to solve them. ROSENTHAL: Not being able to snap my fingers and instantly create every solution a customer wants. The second item that most frustrates me is when you come across a competitor that blatantly misleads a retailer, whether through false claims or innuendo. It is bad for the entire industry, and being a former retailer, I take those things personally. My team understands this is not an acceptable way of doing business. WOELFEL: Honestly, nothing. I love my job. My only frustration comes from seeing people within retail who know a solution can make a significant impact on the business but just can't get the support or commitment to make the investment. I was there. I get that. HENDERSON: Sometimes having to experience a client's unrealistic expectations. EDITOR: Do you have any concerns for the future of the LP profession? RAMOS: I wouldn't say concerns. I think the LP profession will continue to be an important component of retail. However, it must evolve, and the speed of change around us requires a faster evolution of the profession. I truly believe the LP professionals that broaden their skills will become higher contributors and therefore more critical to the business. ROSENTHAL: I would not say I have concerns. I see changes in the industry coming, especially with technology. I truly believe the future of LP relies in a joint effort between the retailer and vendor to ensure the most effective products are brought forth in the industry that not only protects the products but also can manage them within the store and through the supply chain. I believe this can only be achieved through partnership and education. WOELFEL: We all see the evolution of retail, and this certainly impacts the LP profession. LP teams must continuously be learning and partnering as their companies develop new programs and processes. That holy grail of getting product to the customer next/same day, regardless of destination, exposes the company to tremendous risk. LP can be a wise "voice" in this process by being a partner in driving sales, margin, and productivity. If you are only viewed as a department that reduces fraud and catches thieves, you become disposable in the eyes of executives. HENDERSON: The physical safety of our LP professionals is of big concern to me. With all the safeguards that the profession has already put in place, there seem to be more attacks at malls, churches, and entertainment events. The people perpetrating these attacks seem to

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