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MAR-APR 2019

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Brittain is editorial director for LP Magazine. Prior to joining the magazine, he was director of learning design and certification for Learn It Solutions, where he helped coordinate and write the online coursework for the Loss Prevention Foundation's LPC and LPQ certifications. Earlier in his career, Brittain was vice president of operations for one of the largest executive recruiting firms in the LP industry. He can be reached at JacB@LPportal.com. By Jacque Brittain, LPC PERSPECTIVES Solution Provider Sales Strategies What Sets One Solution Provider Apart from the Rest? F inding a solution provider that best fits our loss prevention needs in an ever-evolving retail market is something that must reach well beyond the latest gadget or technology being offered. In a world where change and innovation are driving the success of the business—one where the status quo only exists in the moment—decision makers must venture beyond those that simply sell a particular product or service and are capable of serving as true solutions partners that work hand-in-hand with our loss prevention teams to tackle the latest industry challenges. But what does it take to be a true solutions partner? How do they go about approaching their business partners and establishing the foundation for real and lasting solutions—and relationships—with their loss prevention customers? For perspective and input, we turned to executive leadership from three leading solution providers to discuss some common themes. What would you consider to be the most important factor that separates one solution provider from the next? EWTON: One of the leading factors that elevates a solution provider is their level of service and support. In other words, the ease of doing business with the provider. This includes all aspects of a symbiotic relationship: conceptualizing a potential solution, evaluating a system pilot, creating system specifications, pricing continuity, deployment logistics, system commissioning, ongoing training, product warranty, and technical support. It also includes the solution provider's agility to prioritize the customer's needs and ability to understand that the customer's urgency is often based on fluid requirements. ISCH: Innovation is still one of the most crucial factors. The opportunity to find new ways to streamline efficiencies and reduce shrink is always critical to our retail customers, especially those that can bring operational value across the organization. It's scalable performance—do you have the right team to see the needs of your customers and create solutions that may not exist yet to fix problems? NORTHRUP: Loss prevention innovation is a vital component that separates solution providers. As traditional anti-theft devices become more vulnerable, loss prevention suppliers must adapt and develop more advanced security solutions that reduce or eliminate the significant causes of shrink. Implementing innovative and effective loss prevention solutions that mitigate losses and safeguard profitability is critical. What are the most important questions that decision makers should ask before choosing a product or a solution provider? NORTHRUP: Does your LP solution help increase sales as well as reduce shrink? Many solutions just lock up product, which does protect it but can also diminish potential sales. Does your LP solution improve category management while reducing labor costs? The more time employees need to work at securing product, the less time they are spending with customers. Does your LP solution integrate with your current LP environment? Retailers should be looking to reduce complexity as much as possible, while still providing multiple layers of theft protection. Mike Isch Vice President of Sales, STANLEY Security Robb Northrup Director of Marketing Communications and Support, siffron David Ewton Business Development Manager, Bosch Security and Safety Systems continued on page 64 "Honesty, integrity, understanding, and reliability are the most important qualities that every solution provider should exude." – David Ewton 62 MARCH–APRIL 2019 | LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM

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