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MAR-APR 2019

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#SaferWorld info@3si.com Recover Stolen Assets. Apprehend Criminals. After A Robbery It Can Be Business As Usual ... When you have 3SI GPS Trackers! Our specialized technology uses GPS to automaƟcally detect a robbery and silently alert law enforcement to TRACK and RECOVER your stolen assets. Myth #8: They don't care about climbing the proverbial career ladder. Reality: Millennials' career paths will be erratic and eclectic, but that doesn't mean they won't be progressive and developmental. Theirs will be what I call a self-building path made up of learning, relationships, proof of their ability to add value, and lifestyle flexibility. Instead of climbing a ladder, they are making a tapestry. Myth #9: Money and traditional benefits don't matter to them. Reality: Of course, money and benefits matter to them. They want to get the best deal they can get. In fact, they are usually quite savvy about comparing what each employer offers. But money and benefits are only a threshold issue. If you offer money and benefits that are competitive with other comparable employers, then you can keep the conversation going. Myth #10: Money is the only thing that matters to them (the opposite of the previous myth but also widely held by managers who can't believe how brazenly millennials demand money). Reality: Again, money is a threshold issue. If they are asking for more, what they are really asking is, "What do I need to do to earn more?" Once you meet the threshold of competitive money and benefits, millennials care about five other things: schedule, relationships, task choice, learning opportunities, and location. Myth #11: They don't respect their elders. Reality: They do respect their elders. They are closer to their parents than any other generation has ever been. But they want respect too. Their parents, teachers, and counselors have always treated them with respect, so they feel they deserve respect from their managers too. Bottom line: they respect what you bring to the table, and they want you to respect what they bring to the table. Myth #12: They want to learn only from computers. Reality: From computers, they want to learn stuff that is easy to learn from continued on page 60 59 LP MAGAZINE | MARCH–APRIL 2019

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