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41 LP MAGAZINE | MARCH–APRIL 2019 Hot spots tell you where crime is clustering but may not help us understand why that's the case. The RCPS explains hot spots are merely signs and symptoms of places that are highly suitable for crime. RTM advances this by providing some spatial diagnosis. The process helps identify how and how much risk goes up the closer your place is to risk-generating places and other spatial features. It is now up to public-private teams to use this information to devise, test, and deploy focused crime reduction and suppression efforts. The Loss Prevention Research Council's (LPRC) Violent Crime Working Group and its Anti-Violence Innovation Team are using these tools and others to work out cost-effective anti-violence solution sets for enhancement and evaluation. The iChain concept means the group aligns solutions with specific criminal offender steps (crime scripts) to maximize protective effects while reducing negative side effects. We strongly encourage you to look into getting involved in this process with us. Shoppers and employees expect and deserve to be relatively safe while on property. There are no silver bullets, and place protection is a work in progress like curing the common cold. But only through collective, framework-guided, rigorous research and development will we better keep vulnerable people safer. Engage As I write this, we've just finished holding LPRC's annual board of advisors (BOA) winter planning meeting branded IGNITE. It was a fantastic gathering of over forty loss prevention and asset protection leaders, solution partners, and some innovation partners and prospects to plan upcoming crime and loss control research and development. The group dug into some of the over eighty current research projects, identified more priorities, and toured and advised on the brand new LPRC Innovate Next Retail Center (NRC) facility. The NRC's Ideation and Simulation Lab (ISL) is in University of Florida's Innovate Hub, an amazing creative space across from LPRC's existing research lab. The ISL features a state-of-the-art ideation space that members will use to brainstorm new concepts and solve current and upcoming challenges. Right next to it is the simulation space where groups will be immersed in 180 degree, realistic, high-resolution or rendered video to more quickly and cheaply explore interior and exterior options. The space also has virtual and augmented reality capability. The group was extremely excited to start using the NRC resources for their teams, for working with their business partners like store operations, IT, supply chain, merchants, and others and for training scenarios. The NRC will enable faster action than normally available in traditional settings. Sensormatic provided the NRC's seed money, with more innovation partners beginning to invest to expand the center and its capabilities. Again, please consider setting up a visit to Gainesville to tour and help us shape and use all these LP problem-solving resources. Crime and Place Kaleidoscope, Caplan Halls Clubs Pawn Gangs Movies Grocery Schools Variety Transit Clinic Bars Vacant Halls ATMs Rec Centers Schools Laundry Drugs Parks Theaters Gyms Liquor Laundry Rx Drugs Gas Gyms Parking Liquor Grocery Parking Bus Drugs Gas Banks Repair Foreclose Fast Food Fast Food Conv. Store Arenas Hotels Members of LPRC's board of advisors at the IGNITE winter planning meeting at the University of Florida.

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