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MAR-APR 2019

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33 LP MAGAZINE | MARCH–APRIL 2019 Christmas job as a people greeter. One of the benefits of that position was I was the employee who often went out on a shoplifting incident as the witness with the store detective. It so happens that the store I worked in had a good store detective who made a lot of apprehensions. With my interest in law enforcement, I became intrigued with loss prevention and became a store detective with Walmart while I was still in school. Shortly after I joined Walmart and after I graduated, I was promoted to essentially what, at that time, was a district LP manager. Here I was, a 21-year-old kid who was supervising nine stores where most of my store managers had been with the company longer than I had been alive. What that meant for me was that you learn quickly that it's a humbling experience and that you've got to be able to listen really well. You must be able to show value and credibility in what you're saying but acknowledge when you don't know the answer because otherwise, you'll get caught in a bluff. I enjoyed that job and was promoted to a regional position in the northeast with Walmart. I had gone back to graduate school in organizational design and had a good operations partner whom I trusted a lot. He was my mentor and still is to this day. We began to work on a transition plan for me into operations. It was the scariest conversation I've ever had because all I had ever known was the idea of being in law enforcement or loss prevention. However, with my graduate experience, my leadership, and life lessons I had accumulated over the years, I decided to take the plunge and relied on my instincts of knowing that I'd surrounded myself with good people who were going to help me through situations when I didn't know the answer. It was a great decision because it gave me a completely different perspective in terms of what it meant to be in retail and not just from the LP side of things. I had the opportunity to open stores in the District of Columbia, run a district in upstate New York for a while, and supported a lot of corporate programming rollouts for the stores I supported. It was extremely refreshing to think about things from a process and operationally driven organization and see how I could apply some of the leadership skills that I had acquired in asset protection to the operations side of the game. EDITOR: When did you return to loss prevention? JAECKLE: After four years in operations, I had the opportunity to come back to lead the stores in the eastern third of the United States. The territory had around 1,500 stores from Puerto Rico up to Maine. That was a phenomenal experience because it taught me the value of making decisions that are holistic in approach. I really had to rely on my team to be able to run that large operation. I was able to apply a lot of the learnings from operations into asset protection to help right the ship on where shrink had been PROBLEMS WITH LOSS? THERE'S A CAP FOR THAT. Whether you need CAPData ™ for risk assessment and resource allocation, CAPAnalytics ™ to combine those insights with your own internal data for a customized solution, or CAPEngines ™ to visualize and operationalize those insights easily…CAP Index has a solution to help retailers make smart, defensible, data-driven decisions. Contact us at askcap@capindex.com to discover how we can help you reduce loss and Outsmart Crime ® . INTERVIEW

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