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mandating additional cameras for their own monitoring and high-quality facial captures of everyone who comes and goes in a luxury store. In many countries in the Middle East, law enforcement similarly demands an additional level of up-front consultation, as well as mandating longer video retention times of ninety days. "Prior to any lease negotiation, we'll do a full risk assessment to identify all such issues, including meeting with local police departments," said Siemers. "Vendors are also very important and a valuable resource in this regard, and we typically get them very involved." Top LP leaders uniformly cited implications from newly enacted and stringent European data protection laws, noting they have required significant attention and review. "Expectations for protecting data is super high, and it's critical that LP organizations understand how data can and can't flow, how it must be maintained locally, the ramifications for conducting investigations, and to have appropriate consultations with the legal team," advised Maples. "It's also important to understand the financial impact for violations. The cost can be crippling if you don't get it right." McBride also cited the value of collaboration with corporate legal and compliance teams, labor attorneys, and with local law firms for their assistance in conducting associate training. "That helps us understand back here what we can and can't do, and how actual policies might need to change, so we can devise plans that allow us to keep control of the business," said McBride. He noted that not every legal development makes the same splash as the European Union's GDPR. "Sometimes it's a lot more subtle, so it's important not to be complacent [about regulations] and to revisit with your team periodically, so you can do the necessary localization." Culture Just as local laws may demand that stores outside the US do things differently, local customs may dictate a different way of getting things done. To McBride, the biggest adjustment in managing LP internationally has been to the speed of business. "The pace at which work gets done is completely different from the US, even in Canada," he said. "So issues like how long it might take to get a contract finalized is almost always longer, and you have to be understanding and respectful of that—although it can drive you a little nuts." Maples believes that respecting local norms, especially in the ways that people communicate, is important to integrate into one's leadership style. "One size doesn't fit all, everything from greetings to the commands you give that may work in one country may not work in another. From a culture standpoint, asking a lot of questions, listening to learn, and doing your homework on cultural standards is all really important," said Maples. "If you don't, you won't be able to persuade people—and you won't recognize when you're getting a nod of, 'sure, we'll do it,' when they mean something else." She added that respect should extend to LP's review of local policies. "You should be asking why employee policies are the way they are, instead of making an assumption and insisting reflexively on change," she said. "Know what your values are and the guardrails that keep Differences in local laws and regulations are a complicating factor. They often place restrictions on a retailer's advanced security systems, particularly as it relates to surveillance and privacy. Security Threats 57% Natural Disasters 49% Country Risk Rating 37% Civil Unrest 36% Infectious Diseases 22% Hotel Concerns 20% Transport Concerns 19% Kidnapping Concerns 16% Top Causes of Modified Itineraries 20 MARCH–APRIL 2019 | LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM MAKING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE

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