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RISK: MILLIONS PAID OUT IN LAWSUITS. LINK: Make mistakes in a risk-free environment. RISK: INVESTIGATORS TRAINED BUT NOT PROFICIENT. LINK: Practice and build confidence in skills. RISK: INCONSISTENT GUIDANCE ACROSS THE ORGANIZATION LINK: Obtain timely responses and reliable coaching. RISK: NO RECORDS OF TRAINING PERFORMANCE LINK: Maintain documentation of interviewers' skillsets. ONLINE INTERACTIVE SIMULATION TECHNOLOGY TO PUT YOUR INTERVIEWING TRAINING INTO PRACTICE An investigative interview is one of the riskiest conversations to take place within an organization. Many interviewing professionals are comfortable with their knowledge of interviewing techniques after attending a Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) seminar, but few are properly prepared to conduct an interview or interrogation without additional practice, guidance, support, and feedback. The link provides investigators with an opportunity to practice their interviewing skills in a risk free interactive simulation, narrowing the gap between knowledge and skill, while also providing team leaders with the ability to monitor, measure, and establish documented training protocols to minimize risks. Provide your investigative team with the ability to practice, build their confidence, and become more proficient in their interviewing skill sets, while also minimizi ng the risks to the organization. MINIMIZE THE RISKS WITH Wicklander-Zulawski | 800.222.7789 | www.w-z.com Learn more at www.w-z.com/thelink

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