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continued on page 38 37 LP MAGAZINE | JANUARY–FEBRUARY 2019 Meet the Director of Operations for the LP Foundation Why did you decide to pursue your LPC certification? I pursued my LPC certification for several reasons. First and foremost, I wanted and needed to develop and grow as an LP professional. Second, I knew having a well-rounded perspective would assist me in making better decisions and help me in assisting stakeholders understand the benefit of having loss prevention involved in strategic planning. Third, I saw how my leadership held the LPC in such high regard and wanted to count myself as a true loss prevention professional. Was the coursework what you expected? I knew this certification was going to be a challenge based on the feedback from several of my peers and colleagues who obtained their LPC certifications. The coursework proved to be what I expected and more. The depth of information in areas both familiar and distant to me challenged the very foundation of my LP experience. The course material expanded my vision in every aspect of what we are capable of doing and shined a light on areas where I needed to improve. There were several areas of the business I had not been previously exposed to like logistics and pharmacy. Now that you have been with the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) for nine months, what can you tell us about the value of the LPC certification? The value of the certification inherently comes from the individual. What you put into the LPC or LPQ is what you will get out of it. If you approach it looking for opportunities for yourself to grow, you will get significant value out of the rich content. If you approach the certification from a check-the-box mindset, you will likely struggle to apply the material and truly advance your knowledge of our ever-changing industry. It is truly amazing to see and talk to so many loss prevention and asset protection leaders and our solution provider partners about the content and how they continue to contribute and enhance our materials. As an LPC who works for the foundation, what tips and suggestions can you give to someone pursuing their LPC? It doesn't matter if you purchased the course yourself or were graciously awarded a scholarship to become LPC. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow and advance your career opportunities. The LPC is rich with content in every aspect of a business and can enhance your knowledge in how to successfully collaborate the various verticals within your environment. It doesn't matter if it is in an individual store, a market or region, or the corporate office. By being able to talk about the business holistically, you set yourself apart as a business partner and a true professional. What was the most eye-opening information that was part of the curriculum? The most eye-opening part of the curriculum was that as a twenty-year LP practitioner, I was not as fluent in integration and influence due to my lack of knowledge in key business verticals as I had once thought. What benefits have you seen from taking the course? The biggest benefit I have seen in taking the LPC course is the need to be involved in the overall business. What I mean is, in every section of the curriculum I pulled pieces out on partnership, stakeholders, collaboration, and how together with our business partners, we can make better business decisions to benefit the entire organization. As true LP professionals, we need to think and partner better, educate and work with all stakeholders to deliver a differentiated loss prevention program focused on the business and not just one vertical. If you could offer one takeaway to someone considering getting certified, what would it be? Get it, take it, apply yourself, and grow. It has influenced me both personally and professionally and can help you to establish credibility amongst your organization, your partners, and leadership and identify areas for personal and professional growth. How has certification changed your expectations of loss prevention as a career, for yourself and for others? The LPC certification has enriched the expectations of loss prevention as a career for me as I feel I have more depth to the business acumen and strategy I can offer to any organization. Having a foundation in the various aspects of an organization is the only way you can evolve and maintain the nimbleness needed to keep up with the ever-changing environment. Would you recommend certification to others? Absolutely. I feel that this certification brings legitimacy to our profession. It establishes a new level of LP professional we should all be seeking out. Someone with the LPC certification has a diverse perspective and can contribute in areas many organizations have not tapped into yet. This is where the future of our industry is, and this is where the future of your value can be. Schriner joined the Loss Prevention Foundation nine months ago as director of operations. Initially pursuing a law enforcement career, he quickly identified a passion for loss prevention and changed his focus. He now has over twenty years of loss prevention, safety, and operations support experience in a wide variety of roles at Kmart, L.S. Ayers (The May Company), Kohl's, and Lowe's. Schriner can be reached at Mat.Schriner@LossPreventionFoundation.org. Interview with Mat Schriner, LPC CERTIFICATION

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