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continued on page 34 33 LP MAGAZINE | JANUARY–FEBRUARY 2019 Commerce , which is my favorite as I read just about anything that Peter Tirschwell shares. Let's not forget the columns in LP Magazine on supply chain security. On the technology front, you need to know your systems. Sit down with the system owner. Don't stop at the person who's using the system. Get yourself in front of the IT person who has to really explain how the system can crash and what data fields are used and which ones are not, because sometimes those golden nuggets are the ones that you do not have visibility to, but they're somewhere in this giant system database that you can get your arms around. Study those three things, commit to your academic foundation, and then really invest. Definitely don't sit and wait for it to come to you in training classes. You've got to go from department to department and carve out your own career path. Ensure you touch base with the planning and allocation teams. Really get to know your buyers. Get into the loading and unloading department in your warehouses. Go to the picking-and-packing department of your 3PL. Sit down with the IT people who built the system that handles all of the hardware and software in your network. Spend time with transportation to understand how the contracts are written and what the exposure is on the parcel side when something is delivered and a person says they never got it. You are possibly getting ten cents on the pound while you just tried to deliver a $600 bracelet that weighs ounces. These are the little things that you've got to do to build a comprehensive plan. It may take you three to five years if you are aggressive. I am twenty-plus years in and am still learning and studying. EDITOR: Your expertise is not just as a practitioner but also as a solution provider. What's that like experiencing both sides of the table? SCROFANI: I'll speak to the solution provider first because I believe it is bit unique. As a solution provider, you're able to inhale, gorge let's say, all the problems that the community is feeling. You're able to catalog all the problems that are consistently identified. Then, if you have a plan and process built to deliver product to the industry, you can create a solution for the industry. Of course, that takes a lot of collaboration, a lot of brain trust, and really that's where my other side of the business was a blessing. Twenty years ago we were shaking doors, making sure everything was closed. Today we're studying data, looking, literally, for the blank space. What can I not see that I need to manage? What do I not know that I need to know? That's going to be the golden chalice that everyone's going after, the "what I don't know, that I don't know." #SaferWorld info@3si.com Recover Stolen Assets. Apprehend Criminals. After A Robbery It Can Be Business As Usual ... When you have 3SI GPS Trackers! Our specialized technology uses GPS to automaƟcally detect a robbery and silently alert law enforcement to TRACK and RECOVER your stolen assets.

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