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LP magazine publishes articles for loss prevention, asset protection, and retail professionals covering shrinkage, investigations, shoplifting, internal theft, fraud, technology, best practices, and career development.

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January/February 2018 Power to the People: Rite Aid Uses a Crowdsourcing, Crime-Solving Tool to Amplify Investigations by Garett Seivold, Contributing Writer (p. 15) ORC Is Worrisome, Worsening…And at Risk of Becoming Ignored? by Garett Seivold, Contributing Writer (p. 35) Collaboration of Food Waste Reduction by Colin Peacock, ECR Community (p. 45) March/April 2018 All Together Now: Can LP Help Forge Collaboration to Fuel Retail's Technology Revolution? by Garett Seivold, Contributing Writer (p. 15) RFID and Retailing: The Experiences of Ten Case-Study Companies by Adrian Beck, University of Leicester (p. 39) RILA's Asset Protection Leaders Council by Jacque Brittain, LPC, Editorial Director (p. 51) May/June 2018 Women of Loss Prevention: Survey Results of How Women View Their Current Roles in the Industry by Jacque Brittain, LPC, Editorial Director (p. 15) Security at the Source: Manufacturers and Retailers Collaborate to Meet Product Protection Challenges by Garett Seivold, Contributing Writer (p. 39) Retail Crime in Los Angeles by Basia Pietrawska, CAP Index (p. 51) July/August 2018 Safely into the Night: LP Success Stories Show Thwarting Thieves After Hours Takes Many Forms by Garett Seivold, Contributing Writer (p. 15) The Worldwide Impact of Shrink: Sensormatic Global Shrink Index by Meg Costa (p. 39) Women of Loss Prevention: LP Leadership Reacts and Responds to the Results of the Survey by Jacque Brittain, LPC, Editorial Director (p. 49) September/October 2018 An About-Face for LP? Advances in Identification Technology Let Retailers Get Proactive by Garett Seivold, Senior Writer (p. 15) Partnering Science, Data, and AP to Tackle Retail Shrink by Clarissa Franklin, Rajat Malhotra, Dani Diehl, and Raksha Pai, The University of Texas (p. 39) Why Do People Steal? Examining the Robin Hood Complex by Mike Giblin, LPRC (p. 51) November/December 2018 Mission Driven: Inside the Demanding, Rewarding World of Goodwill Loss Prevention by Garett Seivold, Senior Writer (p. 15) Scream If You Want to Go Faster: The Roller- Coaster World of Profit Protection at Europe's Largest Entertainment Company by John Wilson, LPM Europe (p. 41) 2019 Product Showcase and Resource Guide (p. 49) Interviews by James Lee, LPC, Executive Editor From LP to Internal Audit to Enterprise Risk Management with Kevin Valentine of Signet Jewelers (Jan/Feb 2018, p. 23) The Three Amigos with Rex Gillette, ADT/Protection 1; Mike Grady, LPC, Vector Security; and Kevin Lynch, LPC, Tyco Retail Solutions (Mar/Apr 2018 p. 27) Taking a Data-Centric Role to Add Value to Your Company with Dan Faketty of Southeastern Grocers (May/Jun 2018 p. 27) Reflecting on the Evolution of Retail Security with Paul Jones, LPC, of CKE Restaurants Holdings (Jul/Aug 2018, p. 27) A Lifetime of Learning with Chad McIntosh of Bloomingdale's (Sep/Oct 2018 p. 27) Getting to Know You: Three Executives Reflect on Their Careers in Loss Prevention with Mike Lamb, LPC, Kroger; Cathy Langley, LPC, Rite Aid; and Mark Stinde, MBA, LPC, 7-Eleven (Nov/Dec 2018 p. 27) Ask the Expert Intrepreneurship within AP Is a Retailer's Competitive Advantage with Maurizio P. Scrofani, CCSP, LPC (Jan/Feb 2018 p. 44) Five Tips to Mitigate Retail Physical Security Threats with Ken Kuehler, Detex (Jul/Aug 2018 p. 56) Outsmarting Cyber Criminals with Rhett Asher, Fortalice Solutions (Sep/Oct 2018 p. 38) Retail's Opportunity to Help Reduce Recidivism with Barbara Staib, NASP (Nov/Dec 2018 p. 24) Certification Stepping Up Your Game as an LP Professional with Kenn Dilworth, LPC, Publix (Jan/Feb 2018 p. 32) Earning the Respect of Your Customers with Steve Hyle, LPC, AFA (Mar/Apr 2018 p. 24) Investing in Your Career with Miranda Colins, LPC, Petco (May/Jun 2018 p. 36) Stepping Up Your Game as an LP Professional with Lucas Moeller, LPC, Lowe's (Jul/Aug 2018 p. 24) Remaining Engaged and Accountable with Tyson Robertson, LPC, Amazon (Sep/Oct 2018 p. 24) Fundamental LP Knowledge with Sue Read, LPC, FleetPride (Nov/Dec 2018 p. 36) Editor's Letter by Jack Trlica A Look Inside this Edition (Jan/Feb 2018 p. 6) Thank You and I Appreciate You (Mar/Apr 2018 p. 6) Diversity in the LP Industry (May/Jun 2018 p. 6) Bob MacLea Scholarships to Fund LP Certifications (Jul/Aug 2018 p. 6) Reactions to Women of LP Survey (Sep/Oct 2018 p. 6) Finding Answers through Research (Nov/Dec 2018 p. 6) Evidence-Based LP by Read Hayes, PhD, CPP Checklists Matter (Jan/Feb 2018 p. 20) Offenders Adapt; So Must We (Mar/Apr 2018 p. 34) Monitors or Locked Displays? (May/Jun 2018 p. 62) Deterring Determined Offenders (Jul/Aug 2018 p. 36) Everything Is Connected (Sep/Oct 2018 p. 36) Plan to Win (Nov/Dec 2018 p. 64) Future of LP by Tom Meehan, CFI How to Become a Subject-Matter Expert (Jan/Feb 2018 p. 42) Stop Worrying about the Retail Apocalypse and Focus on the Tsunami of E-commerce Returns (Mar/Apr 2018 p. 50) We Gave Up Privacy for Convenience Years Ago (May/Jun 2018 p. 48) The Blurring Lines between ORC and Cyber Crime (Jul/Aug 2018 p. 35) How ORC Fuels Human Trafficking (Sep/Oct 2018 p. 50) How Our Memories and Perspectives Are Shaped by Social Media (Nov/Dec 2018 p. 34) Interviewing by David E. Zulawski, CFI, CFE and Shane G. Sturman, CFI, CPP Random Lessons from the Room: Part Four (Jan/Feb 2018 p. 12) Life Is Like a Circle: Part One (Mar/Apr 2018 p. 12) Life Is Like a Circle: Part Two (May/Jun 2018 p. 12) Life Is Like a Circle: Part Three (Jul/Aug 2018 p. 12) Hello Ladies…and Gentlemen (Sep/Oct 2018 p. 12) Evaluating Memory: I Remember It This Way (Nov/Dec 2018 p. 12) LPM Digital by Kelsey Seidler ORC Research and Security Lawsuit (Jan/Feb 2018 p. 52) The Excellent Life of Bob MacLea (Mar/Apr 2018 p. 67) The Exit Inspection, the Retreat of Toys"R"Us, and a Farewell to Sticky Myths (May/Jun 2018 p. 66) Facing Crises (Jul/Aug 2018 p. 59) A New Reality (Sep/Oct 2018 p. 60) Actions and Outcomes (Nov/Dec 2018 p. 74) LPM Excellence Recognizing the Best in LP Adel Sayegh, Universal Surveillance Systems, and Tina Sellers, Retail Business Services (Jan/Feb 2018 p. 22) Fred Mullen, TJX Companies, and Kris Vece, LPQ, Protos Security (Mar/Apr 2018 p. 26) Cathy Langley, LPC, Rite Aid, and Louise Kadege, ORIS Media (May/Jun 2018 p. 38) Jim Carr, CFI, CCIP, Rent-A-Center, and Chris Duke, LPC, Heinen's Grocery Store (Jul/Aug 2018 p. 26) Steve Longo, CAP Index, and Steve May, LP Innovations (Sep/Oct 2018 p. 26) Wayne Hoover, CFI, Wicklander-Zulawski, and Chad McIntosh, Bloomingdale's (Nov/Dec 2018 p. 26) Parting Words by Jim Lee, LPC What If We Had Never Met (Jan/Feb 2018 p. 58) Don't Miss the Chance (Mar/Apr 2018 p. 74) The Underdog (May/Jun 2018 p. 74) I Have a Business Deal for You (Jul/Aug 2018 p. 66) Liberty Bell, Rocky, Independence Hall, Cheesesteak, and LPM (Sep/Oct 2018 p. 66) Once Upon a Time (Nov/Dec 2018 p. 82) Perspectives by Jacque Brittain, LPC The Year Ahead in LP with Ryan Carter, InstaKey; William Santana Li, Knightscope; and Ed Tonkon, Zebra (Jan/Feb 2018 p. 50) Loss Prevention Sales Strategies with Cheryl Blake, Verisk Retail; Johnny Custer, Spark Resultants; and Claudia Tuttle, Accuride International (Mar/Apr 2018 p. 58) A Culture of Innovation with Randy Dunn, Tyco Retail Solutions; Vy Hoang, i3 International; and Steve Sell, CONTROLTEK (May/Jun 2018 p. 24) Stepping Outside of What's Considered Safe with Jorge Nazer, Grupo ALTO (Jul/Aug 2018 p. 46) Strategies Using Video Surveillance to Audit Your Retail Business by Doug Montgomery, March Networks (Mar/Apr 2018 p. 46) Supply Chain The Fallout of Holiday Peak by Glenn Master, ISCPO (Mar/Apr 2018 p. 36) Into the Rabbit Hole of Supply-Chain Risk by Maurizio P. Scrofani, CCSP, LPC (Nov/Dec 2018 p. 38) Statement of Ownership Publication title: LossPrevention. Filing date: 10/1/18. Issue frequency: bi-monthly. No. of issues annually: 6. Mailing address of office of publication: 700 Matthews Mint Hill Rd, Ste C, Matthews, NC 28105. Mailing address of headquarters: same. Name and address of publisher, editor, and managing editor: Jack Trlica, same address as above. Corporate owner: Loss Prevention Magazine, Inc., 10433 Pullengreen Dr., Charlotte, NC 28277. Stockholders: Jim Lee, 10433 Pullengreen Dr., Charlotte, NC 28277; Jack Trlica, 7436 Leharne Dr., Charlotte, NC 28270. Publication title: Loss Prevention. Issue date of circulation data below: July-August 2018. Avg. 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