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JOHN WILSON is executive editor of LP Magazine Europe. A graduate in law and criminology, he is a business journalist with more than twenty-five years' experience in newspapers, magazines, broadcast media, and public relations, as well as providing external affairs support for ORIS Forums. Wilson can be reached at john.wilson@orismedia.eu. SCREAM IF YOU WANT TO GO FASTER YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. You could save up to 80% on an easier, more secure, better organized key system by Curious about ROI with InstaKey? Download the latest research study by the LPRC to learn more! IF THIS IS HOW IT FEELS TO CHANGE YOUR LOCKS... www.InstaKey.com 47 LP MAGAZINE | NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018 simply raising the issue can be interpreted as trying to catch them out, which is not the way you want it to come across when you are trying to build trust. "This is why trust and respect of different cultures form an integral part of how we do things at Merlin. As we are opening new resorts and theme parks, it is all about getting everyone involved from the senior management team to the cashiers—they have to understand what we are trying to achieve, so it has to be translated appropriately. Communication is everything because language cannot be a barrier. From a senior management perspective it is about learning all about the culture you are going into long before you open for business." Every day is far from a walk in the park for Blethyn and her team, but when she is feeling stressed, that is exactly what she prefers to do. "If I'm at the office, which is one mile from Chessington, I take myself off and talk to the animals in the zoo," she said. "I always talk to the monkeys and cockatoos—it makes me feel a lot better to chat to them, and I can honestly say there are no other workplaces where you are actively encouraged to tickle the rhinos." For someone who describes herself as a person who does not enjoy the adrenalin rush of theme park rides, Lyn Blethyn has certainly enjoyed the journey so far. "I don't like roller coasters really—I'm the sort of person who would happily hold someone's bag while they went on. But as I said earlier, I absolutely loved my time at Sainsbury's. I would love to have that time again and give it over to Merlin because it is such a special and incredible place to work, especially if you have a sense of humor and a positive attitude." Apart from the waxworks of Madame Tussauds, Merlin Entertainments is defined by the number of moving parts on show at any given time. All of them have to work in a specific way to help the company reduce its global risk and exposure while at the same time give voice to its dual ambitions to both scream louder and go faster. American Dream Who would have thought, Blethyn said, "When I worked in the supermarket arena that I would be working across the United States, a truly rewarding experience for me. I have a very soft spot for the US attractions and fell in love with Legoland Florida. It really is one of our most beautiful parks. I love working with my team there, and I love the 'American way' (not just the food!), the whole can-do attitude, and the buy in from every part of the business there." There is a rewarding team attitude right across all the global leisure industries within profit protection, a great sharing of knowledge, and a willingness to share experiences and best practices that benefits the entire Merlin Entertainments business.

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