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28 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018 | LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM EDITOR'S NOTE: Our annual magazine editorial board meeting was held in Philadelphia on October 10–12, 2018. The three-day event was colocated with our friends from the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) who held their fall Asset Protection Leaders Council meeting as well as the Loss Prevention Foundation's yearly board of directors meeting. As part of the magazine portion of the meetings that was themed "Getting to Know You," we were fortunate to hear a panel of veteran asset protection executives discuss their careers and views on the industry. The panel included Mike Lamb, LPC, vice president of asset protection for The Kroger Co.; Cathy Langley, LPC, senior director of asset protection for Rite Aid; and Mark Stinde, MBA, LPC, vice president of asset protection for 7-Eleven. Serving as moderator was Kevin Lynch, LPC, executive director of business development for Tyco Retail Solutions. Following are excerpts from the panel discussion. We wish to thank the panelists for sharing their thoughts and viewpoints with our attendees. We are also sincerely grateful to the 150 or more retail executives and solution providers who made time in their busy schedules to participate in this event. Thanks especially to the companies who sponsored the event and made the annual meeting possible. MODERATOR: Let's begin with how you started in loss prevention and some highlights of your career. LAMB: I started in LP quite by accident, really. I was going to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 1979, and my cousin helped me find a part-time job with Millers Department Store. So my entry into retail was being the guy putting the price stickers on the Lancôme and Estée Lauder merchandise. A few months into that job, someone approached me about working in security. I asked, "What's that?" and "Does it pay more than I'm making now?" Well, it did, so I started my retail security career with Millers and worked there until I moved to Rich's Department Store in Atlanta in 1987. Then I went to Home Depot in 1999, Walmart in 2014, and now I've been at Kroger for about eighteen months. MODERATOR: How about you, Cathy? LANGLEY: I actually first applied for a job in Rite Aid's warehouse when I was seventeen. I grew up on a farm, wasn't afraid of hard work, and needed money to go to business school. The manager of the security department called me about a clerk position. At the end of our conversation, she asked if I'd come in for an interview. I borrowed my mother's wool suit in June and did the interview with the director of personnel and the manager of security, so I started as a file clerk in the security department. I worked full time during the summer between my junior and senior years of high school and did a co-op through my senior year. I then worked full time including Saturdays for a while until I went to business school. Eventually, I went from file clerk to restitution coordinator handling all civil restitution work. Then I became office manager over the corporate LP staff, corporate director of LP, director of analytics, and about seven years ago, senior director of asset protection. MODERATOR: Mark, you grew up in the LP industry with some great brands—Mervyns, Toys"R"Us, Home Depot, Sears, Circuit City, and now 7-Eleven. But I know that you had a burning desire to get a college degree. Tell us about what motivated you at this point in your career to invest in education. STINDE: I've been head of asset protection at 7-Eleven now for about eight years. Around my third year in, the company selected key leaders in the organization to attend a leadership event at West Point University. We had to submit our resumes to be shared with everyone who was going to the event. When GETTING TO KNOW YOU LPM annual meeting panel included (from right to left) Mark Stinde of 7-Eleven, Cathy Langley with Rite Aid, and Mike Lamb from Kroger. Moderator was (far left) Kevin Lynch of Tyco Retail Solutions.

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