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25 LP MAGAZINE | NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018 prosecution standards? If attached to a program like a conditional citation, electronic filing of cases is a practical option. If not, pass on it too. Even in the communities where you have the benefit of a traditional police response, there is an opportunity to support the use of police citation or station-house adjustment programs to keep offenders out of the courts but still educate them to reduce repeat offenses. This ensures a police record of the incident but still reduces the hours consumed by court filings and preserves resources for cases that are more critical or pose community safety threats. Any words of caution for retailers as they navigate these options? Cooperating with law enforcement, criminal justice, and the community to find effective alternatives to traditional shoplifting responses is crucial, but make sure the solutions offered meet retail needs in equal measure to criminal justice needs. Citation programs and electronic reporting programs can be a great compromise—but not without some substantive and educational sanctions at the police or prosecutor level. If reports simply go into a black hole of cases, or if the criteria for prosecution are so high that the case has no hope of ever reaching the prosecutor, then the program is just empowering offenders with the knowledge that nothing will happen to them if they shoplift again. This not only promotes repeat offenders but also encourages the escalation of offenses to test the limits of each community's apathy toward retail theft, which we all know is increasing every day. Simply put, shoplifting is a numbers game and a people problem. Statistically, there are almost 30 million people willing to shoplift on any given day. There is no practical way to catch and punish every single one, day after day—there just are not enough retail or law enforcement resources. Therefore, logic dictates that we reduce the number of people who shoplift to begin to level the playing field. Since apprehension is the only way to identify shoplifters, we must rely on secondary prevention—that is education after an offense has occurred. So once you identify an offender, the best action is to sanction and educate to prevent the next offense. Then you need a way to sort out the people. They will either take action on their own behalf, or they won't, and thus they are self-sorting. We will know immediately who needs the hammer and the impact of the criminal justice system and those who don't. Good corporate citizens would make it an option for all by funding it in part or in full and providing it free of charge for the indigent and homeless. It's just good business to reduce the total number of offenders in the pool. As the victim, retailers can press for action by criminal justice. Better yet, they can help jurisdictions in making programs available to offenders. New eSuite Integration Capabilities eSuite is a superior customer account management tool that helps national companies easily navigate the administrative, service and reporting requirements of monitored alarm systems and security system assets. ©2018 ADT LLC dba ADT Security Services. All rights reserved. ADT, the ADT logo, 800.ADT.ASAP and the product/service names listed in this document are marks and/or registered marks. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Third-party marks are the property of their respective owners. License information available at www.ADT.com or by calling 800.ADT.ASAP. CA ACO7155, 974443, PPO17232; FL EF0001121; LA F1639, F1640, F1643, F1654, F1655; MA 172C; NC Licensed by the Alarm Systems Licensing Board of the State of North Carolina, 7535P2, 7561P2, 7562P10, 7563P7, 7565P1, 7566P9, 7564P4; NY 12000305615; PA 090797; MS 15019511. 10/18 800.799.1204 adt.com/commercial W H AT ' S N E W ? Integration capabilities with DMP and Bosch help to increase convenience and speed of remote site management, including real-time remote panel code management. Also, manage DMP intrusion and access control permissions from a single securely connected device. T H E A R T O F E X C E E D I N G E X P E C T A T I O N S

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