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33 LP MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER 2018 INTERVIEW The LM Tag™ 3-Alarm provides a powerful combination of a motion detector, light sensor and EAS gate sensor. 1st Alarm - Light and motion sensors trigger if product is concealed or activates if LM Tag is removed from product. 2nd Alarm - EAS gate alarms when LM Tag passes through. 3rd Alarm - LM Tag alarms when passing through EAS gates at store exit points. Put our loss prevention solutions to work for you! Call 800.747.4665 or 815.877.7041 visit us online at www.southernimperial.com PREVENT THEFT THREE WAYS WITH ONE DEVICE wasn't something that happened in a Bloomingdale's store but in a mall where we had a store. What we learned in the process, from a communication standpoint, is making sure that everybody in management understands what their role is. Going back and reinforcing those good practices with management has been important. Another lesson learned has been, "How do we communicate with the organization that it's safe, that you can go back to work?" We worked with our Macy's partners on some communication tools that I believe have helped. And then certainly, "How do you keep management informed of what's going on, in a timely manner, so that if a decision has to be made as a senior member of your organization, then they have all the information they need to make the decision?" Understanding your role and then ensuring communication are probably the two biggest things that we learned in the process. EDITOR: You've had a lot of involvement in associations, particularly in the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA). Touch on why you think involvement in associations is•important. MCINTOSH: In my first year at Neiman Marcus, around 1985, I was brand new to the Neiman Marcus culture. The National Retail Federation (NRF) that year was in Washington, DC, and because I was living there, Ed Wolfe and Gary Manson took me to that event. So I had exposure to the NRF early in my career. Both the NRF and Bob Moraca do an amazing job. Lisa LaBruno and RILA also do an amazing job. Both organizations are so important to our industry, and it's always been aspirational for me to be involved in them. Once I got my foot in the door, I was all in with both organizations. And they do such important work in elevating the professionalism of the asset protection industry that we love. Not only that but they work very hard to help us solve some of the big problems we're facing, such as organized retail crime, and are so important to our success in department stores and in retail in general. I encourage everybody to participate when they can in RILA and NRF conference calls, webinars, and conferences. They are great educational experiences and really add value to any program. I always walk away with ideas to bring back to my organization, to improve performance, and help me find a new approach to the strategy we're working at Bloomingdale's today. Both organizations deserve a lot of credit. I think they're doing a lot of great things for our industry. EDITOR: You are also on the board of advisors with the LPRC. MCINTOSH: I have been involved in the Loss Prevention Research Council

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