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part of the state from implementing facial recognition to alert security to the presence of an expelled student, sex offenders, or disgruntled ex-employees. And, under public pressure, Orlando's police department let its pilot program with Amazon's Rekognition facial technology expire. The department was testing the service's ability to aid criminal investigations by recognizing suspects in photos and videos but faced vocal criticism by civil rights groups. While such developments haven't materially impacted the ability of retailers to make use of FRT, they're probably not quelling concerns either. "When you have the prospect of laws that could allow for civil damages and the right to sue as an individual, then you're opening up a whole can of worms," said Palmer. He said the question for a national retailer is therefore, "Do you make a leap of faith when what and how you can implement is not exactly clear? You have practitioners who like to try all this stuff and evidence it works, but with legal departments concerned with potential liability, retailers might ask the question, 'Is the juice really worth the squeeze?'" Decision Points The issues above might not be deal breakers by themselves, but they may add up for some retailers to choose a wait-and-see approach. "As a whole, I think the technology could have a lot of value in targeted markets. If the cost was appropriate and the risks were minimal in terms of public perception and brand impact and changes in legislation, it definitely could have value," noted the LP executive described at the outset. Ultimately, though, he said his company couldn't validate the overall value of launching it across the company "and chose not to prioritize it." For other retailers it has been a good fit, including a major retailer profiled in LP Magazine several years ago. (See "Facial Recognition Security Cameras: A Game-Changing Technology" at losspreventionmedia.com for an in-depth look into this retailer's experience.) It's also working for Jack Patel, owner of two 24/7 convenience stores on the East Coast. Patel had been looking for technology to deploy for a while, noting that he's always been intrigued by facial recognition and was acquainted with its use in other countries. Months after putting DeepCam's solution in his store, he says he's getting the results he'd hoped for. By immediately alerting personnel to the presence of known shoplifters, via tablets at the point of sale, his stores have successfully banned problem individuals from entering. And he suspects that word has gotten around among thieves in the area, so deterrence is multiplying the system's value. "They don't know about the alerts, but it makes them think that different store associates know who they are and are paying very specific attention. And I'm sure they're telling their friends, 'Don't go in there, because they'll get you.'" continued on page 21 AN ABOUT-FACE FOR LP? TES AT TA UNITED S O O RIC PUERT T O FM PIL VICE CHANNEL SER ARIBA OMIZED REPORTING T CUS TECTION BRAND PRO ARALLELED UNP TIONWIDE NATIONWIDE A CANAD OMPLIANCE C T ORDERS POS OMIZED T CUS INTEGRITY TROL ARMED AT P S SPECIAL PROJECT 4/7/365 LIVE SUPPORT 2 CT A ONTA OF C SINGLE POINT A G N ® ARD 360 INTELLIGU A OMPLIANCE C Let's talk. 877-477-9638 SecurityResources.net ALWAYS LISTENING ALWAYS INNOVATING ALWAYS IMPROVING ALITY ORMS TF PLAT VENDOR ARTY 3RD P TION & EDUCATION & TRAINING BILE APP & TRAINING N TY S MED ARDS SECURITY GU EXPERIENCE TY TE D IN AL PORTA MENT S R Y POLICE OFF DUTY TION INTEGRATION HONES UNARM EXPERIENCE LICENSED DIVERSIT S CES ' SUC T AT TA Y S EVER TERED REGIS A QU CLIENT GEM CRISIS MANA ORMS TF PLAT FULL SECURITY I MOB 23+ YEARS' Jack Patel 19 LP MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER 2018

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