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lifeblood of retail and is critical as we look for the best ways to serve and interact with our customers and employees. As the blending of our society continues, there is an ongoing need to modify our way of thinking to effectively deal with the issues of communication, tolerance, adaptability, variety, and change. Unfortunately, a majority of women who participated in the survey (72%) believed that there are gender biases that remain in the loss prevention industry today. And while most LP leaders feel that there have been significant improvements, most also believe that those gender biases remain. Gender biases do exist across every aspect of our society. Men and women think differently. For the most part, we're raised differently. We have different expectations, social norms, habits, and biology, and that just scratches the surface. But as is true with every other aspect of our lives, we need to learn to better embrace our differences rather than allowing those differences to create a gap between us. Diversity encompasses not only how we perceive others but also how we perceive ourselves. Those perceptions will have a direct impact on how we perform individually and how we interact with each other. Our goal should be to build a culture of respect where the attitudes and actions of people will encourage mutual understanding, creating an environment where people of all attributes can be valued and successful in the workplace. Venus and Mars There may be a million ways to celebrate our differences, but there are a million and one reasons to praise how we are the same. The world is changing, and the rules are changing along with it. This is a time of tremendous evolution in almost every aspect of who we are and what we do. It's true that there was a time when many of the lines were much clearer. But it's just as true that some of those lines were wrong, unfair, and unjust. By the same respect, the door has to swing both ways. Throughout the survey, there were many comments made by women that might also appear demeaning and inappropriate to men. For example, we shouldn't make blanket statements like, "Men are better than women in leadership roles." However, we also shouldn't make blanket statements like, "Women make better interviewers than men." The latter can be equally unjust and inappropriate, widening gaps rather than closing them. Everyone wants to be respected. We want to be treated fairly and as equals. If we want to create an environment in loss prevention that's inclusive for everyone, we have to be open-minded, but we also must be patient and understanding. As we blend as a country, we are also blending on social, personal, and professional levels, and all of us have to play our parts. We must face these issues head-on and find solutions that benefit us all. Moving Forward Complicated problems aren't typically solved with a survey and a single discussion. We have to increase awareness in a way that's fair and objective, hold meaningful conversations that address the real issues, and move to action in a way that's positive and productive. It's truly been an industry effort to bring us to where we are. From those who took the time and effort to help us construct our survey, to the incredible women who shared their thoughts and opinions, to the tremendous industry leaders and sponsors who offered their guidance and support, and to all who have voiced their commitment and passion to the women of loss prevention, you have our gratitude. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. We just need to find the best way to get there. EDITOR'S NOTE: To download the full survey results, go to LossPreventionMedia.com/free-reports. JACQUE BRITTAIN, LPC, is editorial director for LP Magazine. Prior to joining the magazine, he was director of learning design and certification for Learn It Solutions, where he helped coordinate and write the online coursework for the Loss Prevention Foundation's LPC and LPQ certifications. Earlier in his career, Brittain was vice president of operations for one of the largest executive recruiting firms in the LP industry. He can be reached at JacB@LPportal.com. WOMEN OF LOSS PREVENTION "As a woman who has worked in loss prevention the majority of her career, I appreciate the opportunities that have been afforded me and the ability to advance my career through my hard work and determination. This Women of LP project was perfectly timed for all to gauge where we stand in the opportunities afforded women. Plus, the professional way the survey was crafted, distributed, and communicated made supporting this project that much easier." – Kris Vece, LPQ, Director of Client Relations, Protos Security 55 LP MAGAZINE | JULY–AUGUST 2018

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