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■ Be intentional and purpose-driven in the effort. Owning It as Individuals While it's important for retailers to step up and support their teams, no one, regardless of gender or any other nonperformance trait or characteristic, should expect their company to do the legwork for them. Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own growth and development as well as our actions, decisions, and performance. Even when we're good at what we do, that doesn't necessarily mean that we will excel—or even be successful at the next level. Promotions always involve additional responsibilities and different skill sets. Similarly, tenure doesn't necessarily translate into experience. For example, if someone performs the exact same job for five years without looking for ways to develop or grow, do they have five years of experience or one year of experience repeated five times? Every true leader must be able to see this in themselves and be able to identify those same abilities in others when making these decisions, just as every individual must refine their skills as they climb the ladder. Each one of us needs to find our place. We must learn to understand our own strengths and opportunities, accept our limitations, embrace the gifts we have to offer, and determine how we want to use them. We think differently. We learn differently. We apply information based on our own personal experiences. We must be thoughtful, respectful, open-minded, and patient enough to make the best decisions for ourselves, our families, and our careers. We asked leaders what advice they would give women or anyone else wanting to get ahead: ■ You have to be good at what you do. That cannot be taken for granted. ■ Capability is the bottom line. Mission accomplishment, leadership, inspiration, and communication are critical attributes, not seniority. ■ Be engaged, passionate, and authentic. Take advantage of opportunities and showcase your talent. ■ Be a sponge for education and learn to stand on the shoulders of others through programs like the industry certifications. ■ Be flexible, mobile, confident, assertive, and persuasive. Learn to take calculated risks. ■ Diversify your interests. Explore every opportunity. Be open to everything. ■ Distinguish yourself, volunteer for assignments that no one else wants to take, and learn as much about the business as possible. ■ Demonstrate leadership, respect your partners and peers, and show that you can be successful. ■ Intellectual curiosity, guts, and professionalism are next-level skills. Know your business and be able to speak to it. ■ Express your desire and ambition for career advancement. Don't assume that others are aware of your career aspirations. ■ It's never wise to blindly accept the status quo. The world is always changing, and we have to be willing to change with it. ■ Work harder than those around you and self-market in a way that demonstrates that ability. WOMEN OF LOSS PREVENTION LPM Online is an all-new magazine experience. LPM Online publishes every other month on even-numbered months in between our print editions. The inaugural edition went live in August. You can view it and our current edition on the LPM Online tab on our website, LossPreventionMedia.com, or by entering LPM-online.com in your browser. An All-Digital Magazine with All-New Content Don't Miss LPM Online LPM-online.com 53 LP MAGAZINE | JULY–AUGUST 2018

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