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Because a lot of these gangs know they have limited time before an alarm goes out, it's always valuable to take steps that complicate the ability to enter in the first place, advises consultant Mike Keenan. While there is always a level of force that can defeat security glass—ramming an SUV into a store front will certainly get you inside—several experts suggest hardening windows to the extent that building parameters make it possible, by taking advantage of new construction to install laminated or tempered glass for example, or adding window film to existing windows and doors. Security window film might not prevent a determined individual from gaining entry—someone with a baseball bat might be able punch around the edges of a window and push it through—but it is an easy and substantial upgrade over glass that simply shatters when someone throws a rock at it. "You want that thief to pick someplace else, and in a lot of cases that will be enough to do it," said Keenan. Window film is cost-effective compared to installing new windows and comes in a variety of solutions to help retailers meet a range of protection concerns, from bomb blasts to break and entry to weather events, according to Jake Oberle, US marketing supervisor for 3M Window Film & Architectural Finishes. But it is not, he warned, bullet proof. "That is one of the biggest misconceptions," he said. "The main purpose for safety and security window film is to keep the glass intact, making entry of individuals or objects harder to penetrate." Oberle advises retailers to understand testing methods as well as performance data on the film they are planning to use. "Installation is also extremely important. The product can be ideal for a specific situation, but it has to be installed correctly." He added that retailers should ensure that companies they're working with have experience and/or certification in installing safety and security film. Like Food Lion stores and Chili restaurants, after-hours protection at Academy Sports + Outdoors stores relies heavily on knowing its risks and having a hardened physical exterior and layers of security. "We have always been very cognizant of what's in our stores and focused on perimeter protection and denying entry," said Joe Matthews, vice president of loss prevention. Their toughened building envelope includes a variety of features, such as reinforced glass, tilt-wall construction, bollards, risk-based use of iron gates, and hurricane shutters. Moves to toughen the building perimeter have paid significant dividends for Academy Sports + Outdoors. "We used to have a lot of smash and grabs, but as we really hardened our stores, we've seen a major decline in the number of burglaries," said Matthews. Measures taken inside stores—to isolate and protect merchandise Jake Oberle Joe Matthews SAFELY INTO THE NIGHT They have a great shopping experience. You have greater peace of mind with a solution that secures your profi ts and property. Bosch empowers you to build a safer and more secure world with solutions that enhance safety, reduce shrink, and help you improve merchandising, operations and customer service. Bosch integrated security and communications solutions enrich the customer experience and deliver valuable data to help you increase your profi tability. Learn more at http://bit.ly/BoschRetailSolutions 19 LP MAGAZINE | JULY–AUGUST 2018

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